Lettuceless Salads and Sweater Dress

Well it’s Tuesday and it’s snowing, I am happy, remember snow = God’s love, it blankets you and makes everything beautiful. My mom, who knew how much I love snow, used to tell me that snow was God’s way of telling me he loves me. I was so happy to see it this morning, like a long lost friend who has come to visit, no matter the length of the visit, they are always welcome.
Today is sweater dress and purple boots day, thank you to Elizabeth Anne for the boots, they are still my favorites. They match my purple purse that was also from Elizabeth Anne, I am a lucky mom. I’m having a really good outfit day; I should take a picture, because I look good, except for the remnants of the fever blister. Talk about being brought back to reality, it’s always something.
I would like to take a moment and give a huge shout out to Spanx, I love them, I believe they are the best invention ever, they make me look good. Especially considering the food fest I was on in December, Spanx is my best friend right now.
So I got these new things, Salad additions by Lean Cuisine, so far I am enamored, I tried the Asian chicken one yesterday and today I will be trying the southwest chicken. I am a huge fan of salad, as long as there is minimal or no lettuce. I am not a huge fan of lettuce; I am a huge fan of the lettuceless salad, what is that you ask. Well, it is everything but the lettuce, all the good stuff, the chicken, the croutons, the cheese, all that stuff. Not to worry, I am putting lettuce in these, I am trying to be good after being bad for so long.
I won’t go on and on today, I just want to enjoy the snow while it lasts, it is supposed to be 40 degrees today so that means the snow won’t last. I wish it would snow for days, maybe on my birthday it will do that, that would be amazing.

A Good Day Today

I hope everyone is having a good day, mine is starting off fantastic, cold weather, sweater dress and purple knee boots, it’s all good. At this point all that can make it better is snow, or ice, or both! How great would that be! I can’t wait to go to work today to help all the people get their email and connect to the internet. The majority of people who call in for help geniunely want help and are nice and not yelling and cursing. There are a few that do that, but once you explain to them you will not be able to help them until they stop that behavior, they calm down. I actually had one customer that called in, heard my voice and said oh you are too happy I can’t work with you and hung up. He didn’t give me his account number, nothing, so I couldn’t call him back. I wanted to call him back and say well since you hung up on me I am a little less happy, I think we can work together now. But I didn’t get to. Oh well, not my fault if people don’t want the happy. Most do, and that is what makes my job pleasant.
I hope everyone out there enjoys some aspect of their job, it just makes the day go by and doesn’t drain you. It also helps that I am surrounded by co-workers that are helpful, joyful, nice and just downright pleasant to be around.
So, hi ho hi ho it’s off to work I go, see you all in the funny papers!

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