Love, the True Meaning

Love. A word that is thrown around so much it begins to lose meaning. Especially these days. Love Trumps Hate. Stupid saying, especially the way it is used. Especially by the people saying it, the ones rioting and burning things and beating up people. All because they didn’t get their way. Love? I think not.
In an effort to reclaim the word love, to give it meaning, I am going to list the things I love. Things, not people, I am taking people out of the equation for now. Everyone knows my world really revolves around my children and Tess, so for my purposes today I am taking them off the table.
Here we go, now these are not in any order:

Books, I guess I did start in order, books were my first love and remain steadfast in my life. No matter what is going on in my life, how chaotic or even how calm, I can rely on books. Through words on paper I have traveled the world and beyond. I have time traveled backwards and forwards, I have never been disappointed nor felt reading was a waste of my time. Well, with the exception of one book that shall remain nameless.
Chocolate: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate candy, ice cream, popcorn and hot chocolate. It is not limited to those things listed, those are just the first ones that come to mind. I have had a lifelong affair with chocolate and I do not see that diminishing any time soon.
Coffee, what can I say about the elixir of life, the aroma, the way it makes me feel alive. All flavors, almost all additives, nothing artificial, it just makes life worth living.
Television, scripted television, I love television, it entertains us, enlightens us, makes us sad, happy, makes us remember, makes us forget. Makes us fall in love and fall out of love, television is always there for me even when the world is falling apart.
Shoes, when nothing else looks good on me, shoes never fail me. The different colors, styles, the way they can make me feel when I put a new pair on. The way Betsy Johnson makes her sky high strappy sandals makes me weep. There is nothing like a good pair of shoes or boots to lift ones’ spirits. Try it.
Snow, it is the great equalizer, the way it covers everything, sparkling, white, sometimes so white it shimmers blue. The way it silences all the noise, it is an insulator, giving us respite from a worrisome world. It is God’s way of saying He loves me, I look forward to it, need it, want it, crave the snow. If you need me, I’ll be outside doing a snow dance later today.
Dean Cain, yes, Dean Cain, he just makes me happy, he was and is the prettiest man on the face of the planet. Not only is he pretty, he’s smart, well read, well-spoken and out spoken. I do love a pretty man who not only looks good in tights, but can eloquently speak his mind and get his point across without cursing and screaming. I don’t know what I would do if I ever meet him. I would like to think I could keep geeky Angie under control and suddenly acquire a mantle of sophistication and worldliness. Not squeal and well, not Baio out on him. That is still one of the most shameful moments of my life.
There you have it folks, love, real love, begins with a book and ends with Dean Cain.

Good News

I hate weighing myself; however it is a necessary evil when engaging in a weight loss program. Since starting back with Weight Watchers I have lost a total of 12 pounds. Not easy my friends, I am tempted all of the time with sweets, that is my real downfall. I can control everything else, but the sweets, man oh man, is that hard.
I have also given up Diet Coke, all soda really, so this time around I have made even more changes, not an easy thing. I do love Diet Coke; however I have decided all of those chemicals are not good for me. If I can clean my car battery with it I don’t think I should be putting it into my body. So there you have it folks, I am doing my best to clean up my food act. I have definite addictions that I am doing my best to address, I figure if I can get a handle on the food thing then the rest should be easier to deal with.
This evening will be particularly difficult as I will be making cookies for Elizabeth Anne; she has a craving for the no bake oatmeal cookies. She is insistent that her mother make them for her, so make them I will. I know what you are thinking, why can’t she do this herself, after all she is 24, well let me tell you, I will continue to make her cookies as long as I am able to. As a mother I consider it my solemn duty to do the things for my children that I can. And this is a simple thing that she takes so much joy in, as do I, the funny thing is, before she picks up the cookies she is going to the dentist. Perhaps I should call them and tell them of her sugar addiction, now that would be funny.
She is skinny she can afford a sugar addiction, I have never been skinny, I could never afford a sugar addiction, even though I have one.
I will never give up my television addiction, even if some shows irritate me, I love television and movies. Speaking of movies, this coming weekend kicks off a long summer of greatness, Ironman 3 is coming out, and I am so excited! I love superhero movies and I love Robert Downey Jr and I love Tony Stark. The trifecta of movie watching! Tonight is Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Defiance, Revolution and Castle; it takes two days to watch one evening of television for me.

Never Changing Obsessions

Things I am obsessed with all of the time:
Weather, I am obsessed with weather, all kinds of weather, except for the dry hot summer weather. I like storms, clouds, cold fronts and above all snow. I like tornado season as well, and yes I know I will get some flack for that, I know it causes damage, but to see this thing, this force, that man cannot control, that does what it wants. It is an amazing thing to witness, and yes I have been through plenty of storms and tornado seasons. I grew up in tornado alley perhaps that is why I find them so fascinating.
Aliens, space aliens that is, I am completely fascinated with the thought that we are not alone; I do not believe that we are God’s only creation. I fully believe that there is other life out there; I also think that there is intelligent life out there. I am fascinated with the thought that they could come find us, visit us, and hopefully not see us as food. Since I was very young I have been obsessed with anything that has to do with something more out there. It started with Star Trek and has continued to this day with, really all programs, movies, documentaries, books, anything at all. We are not alone and one day we will see the proof.
Coffee, I am obsessed with coffee, which also started at a young age, my grandma used to give me coffee milk, it started then, I was hooked. I love coffee, the smell, the taste, the way it envelopes me and comforts me. I will never give it up, I will never switch to decaffeinated either, that is worthless, for me at least. I need the caffeine, I revel in it, it gives me comfort, I am convinced when I die and they do an autopsy they will find caffeine flowing in my veins.
Television, I am obsessed with television, I always have been, I always will be, I love it. Not reality shows, but scripted, well written, well acted television. Campy television is good as well; escapism at its best, television is one of the best inventions ever. In my opinion it is up there with the printing press, yes it is that important in my life.
The written word, I am obsessed with books, real books, written on paper, not electronic ones, those are nice as well, I have an tablet and have downloaded books, however there is no replacement for holding a book, turning the pages, it is an experience that should never be lost. With the world turning more to electronic devices I hope books do not go the way of newspapers, they are a dying form. I love the smell of the paper, the ink, everything. I love book stores, especially used book stores. There is something about them that just makes me happy.
Superheroes, I have always been obsessed with them, from the Greek mythologies to comic books, there is something about them that appeals to me. Especially the flawed ones, no one does a flawed superhero better than Stan Lee. His are exceptional, the Marvel universe is simply awe inspiring, I love them. Superman is my number one hero of all time though, I mean seriously, he is an alien who can fly and he wants to save the world. That appeals to me on many levels.
These are just a few things that never change about me, my obsessions, I many, and some change, but these do not.


So yesterday was a really great day, I got off work at 9:00 AM then off to record with Shanon, man the show turned out great, I hope you all tune in. Then it was picking up the Irishman to pick up our Christmas present we bought each other. It is a flat screen for the bedroom, I don’t know all the specifics but it looks pretty.
Then we went out to dinner with his girls, then I took his girls to get some new outfits, I noticed the youngest one was literally bursting at the seems. Not a good look on anyone, much less a nine year old, so new pants for her.
Then the rest of the evening watching my new TV, you all know how I feel about television, it is my friend, my comforter, my solace. Don’t judge, we each have our own vices, and yes I know I have many, television, coffee, chocolate and of course shoes.
Today will be filled with shopping, then Tess, cannot wait to pick that girl up from school and have an adventure. Not much to write today, in fact will probably not be back here until Christmas day, I will be very busy up until that point.
So Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day, since it is not night.

Friday, Starbucks and Dean Cain

It has been a strange couple of days, I have had nightmares two nights in a row, the first night was about one of my children. So I do the only thing a mom can do, I text all of them and make them all tell me they are ok. I irritated one as he was asleep, but you know what, I don’t care, I needed to know. So there. They were all fine by the way, but the bad feeling would not go away until I heard from them.

Last night the dream was about me, I was in a house and I had all of the doors locked, however when I went into the garage and got in the car and left someone ran in behind me. I saw him, so I backed out, closed the garage door, went into the back yard and looked in the window. I saw him, the burglar, making himself at home; he was sitting and watching my television! So I yell really loud 911, because that was what I was taught to do in high school. The burglar turns and sees me and gets up and has a machete, and starts to run toward me, I run out of the back gate and jump in the car and before I can drive off I wake up. I was terrified, horrible to wake up without getting away, now I will never know.

So many things happened yesterday, what to address first, well, I’ll go in order, the big meeting. It was a lot of fun, I was not wrong to look forward to it. I do believe they are learning that you praise to success, not berate to mediocrity. The new 2nd level manager and the first level managers gave out kudos and prizes for perfect attendance for the first quarter. The people with the top numbers were recognized as well as new team leads. The only thing that happened that I was sadly disappointed with was a trainer, there was a jeopardy like contest and the contestants were drawn randomly. He was one of them, instead of answering the questions; he was feeding the answers to another contestant. I felt this was inappropriate and unprofessional, this was supposed to be a fun thing, not a cheating thing. He should have answered and let everyone know why he was in a training position. To cheat, sad and wrong.

The rest loved it, we all clapped for our co-workers that won prizes, happy for their recognition, it almost felt like a Mary Kay meeting, I loved it.

The second thing is a not so happy thing, it was the premier of the Dean Cain show, however, I could only stomach about 10 minutes of it, as Dean was not in that segment. I have recorded it and will fast forward to his part, although I don’t even know if I will do that. I can see why I was not considered for this show. The girls are the typical ones you see on the bachelorette or MTV dating shows, more bimbo than nice girl. Of course that seems to be all men want these days, bimbos. Good luck when you procreate with them. Anyway, I don’t think I will be watching this Dean Cain offering as I am sickened by the premise.

On an up note, it is Friday and I am having Starbucks, Venti Passion Tea Lemonade unsweetened of course. So I want everyone to have a fantastic Friday, I hope you enjoy your day and your weekend. Oh I will be volunteering at the Susan G Komen run in Plano tomorrow, I am a race marshal, I can’t wait! Come out and cheer on all of the runners!

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