Shoes, Chocolate and Starbucks

That is me in a nutshell. As for the shoes, well, call me Imelda from Plano. I love that I live in Plano, Texas. I have the best shoe shopping possibilities surrounding me. I am completely addicted to BCBG, Dollhouse, Chinese Laundry and Michael Kors at the moment.

Chocolate, well the darker the better. I love Godiva dark chocolate. For Valentines Day my boyfriend got me the biggest box of dark chocolate from Godiva. I love him too.

Starbucks. Oh the word invokes love. The aroma, the sounds of the espresso machine, the absolute warmth of the establishments. I limit myself to one a week, on my Fridays. I know that sounds strange but my work week ends on Thursday so that is my Friday. My friend Jess and I get Starbucks on my Friday morning. It is our treat to ourselves. Everyone should have one.

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