I have a problem, an issue if you will; it is one I have been dealing with for some time now. I find I can no longer deal with this on my own; so I am asking for help, please allow me to explain.

There is a person where I work that I simply do not like, that’s not the right wording, I have no respect for this person. Their knowledge base, when I have no respect it manifests in distinctly unpleasant ways. Eye rolling when they speak, physically cringing when I see anything from them, and disdain, ignoring their very existence.

I want to be clear here, I don’t like myself this way, in fact I look down upon myself and shake my head at, well, me. I have prayed and prayed for a change of heart with this person, this is all on me. I don’t pray to change the person I have no respect for; I pray that God changes me.

I don’t know if I am not being sincere in my prayers, ok, let’s face it, I’m not, I have a hard time with this. I am snarky around this person, I don’t like it, and I am horrified with myself.

So that is where you all come in, I am asking that you pray that God changes me, once again, this is all on me. I am not praying God changes the other person, I am praying that God changes my heart towards this person.

Everyone knows I do not care for said person, because I cannot hide my face, and my face speaks volumes. God did not give me a poker face; He gave me an expressive one.

This person does not work Mondays, so by Tuesday of this week I want to have a changed attitude toward this person. I am praying for it, I am asking you all to pray for me.

We can only change us, it is not up to us to change others, we can only control our reactions and our hearts, ourselves. In dealing with someone we don’t care for that shows the true character of our souls, and I genuinely do not like mine when it comes to dealing with this person. I want to change the character of my soul in regards to my reactions.

If there is someone in your life that you are not reacting the way you would like, or in a way that speaks to the person you want to be, I would love to know how you are dealing with it. Please feel free to leave a comment.

I will let you all know how it goes this coming week. Be Blessed and have a great day!

Welcome to the Gateway to Friday

Did you ever just have one of those days? You know the one I mean, where everything is frustrating and nothing goes right? Yesterday was that day for me; well it actually started Monday night. As it is work related I will not go into specifics, I will just say that if everyone took their job seriously and did what they were supposed to there would be less frustration for not only employees but customers as well.
There I said it, I feel better, oh and before you think maybe some people are new and don’t know how to do their jobs. No, that is not the case; in the department I work in we have all been there a minimum of 5 years. If you don’t know your job by now you need a new one, or you need to ask for further training. I will be the first to admit the training is sketchy, inadequate and incomplete. I, myself have asked for further training, so before you think I think I am perfect at my job, erase it from your thoughts. However, I do help the customer to the very best of my ability that is sadly not happening with everyone.
Whew, I feel better, I know it is rare I vent about work, but sometimes one just has to. I am looking forward to this weekend, Saturday I am hosting the Ladies that Lunch event in my new home. I am very excited about that, I must remember to tell the Irishman so he can make himself scarce during that time.
Must sign off now and get ready to face a wonderful day at work, it is what you make of it I fully believe that. I will go in with the attitude that I cannot control what others do, I can only control how I work and how I interact with the customers and my coworkers and I will give it my all.
I hope everyone has a fantastic Day Before Friday/Starbucks Day.

A Good Day Today

I hope everyone is having a good day, mine is starting off fantastic, cold weather, sweater dress and purple knee boots, it’s all good. At this point all that can make it better is snow, or ice, or both! How great would that be! I can’t wait to go to work today to help all the people get their email and connect to the internet. The majority of people who call in for help geniunely want help and are nice and not yelling and cursing. There are a few that do that, but once you explain to them you will not be able to help them until they stop that behavior, they calm down. I actually had one customer that called in, heard my voice and said oh you are too happy I can’t work with you and hung up. He didn’t give me his account number, nothing, so I couldn’t call him back. I wanted to call him back and say well since you hung up on me I am a little less happy, I think we can work together now. But I didn’t get to. Oh well, not my fault if people don’t want the happy. Most do, and that is what makes my job pleasant.
I hope everyone out there enjoys some aspect of their job, it just makes the day go by and doesn’t drain you. It also helps that I am surrounded by co-workers that are helpful, joyful, nice and just downright pleasant to be around.
So, hi ho hi ho it’s off to work I go, see you all in the funny papers!