Yesterday was incredibly surreal. Something was confirmed that I already knew, or suspected, great relief and great sadness as this will be a lifelong battle now. All I can do and ever could do is pray, pray that this person takes their medication and follows their doctor’s instructions to the letter.
I don’t know why people think they know better the doctor, or, they find one person who veers from the doctors set course of treatment and because it is what they want to hear they latch onto it. I have never understood that.
Today is the drawing for the Starbucks coffee basket, all proceeds go to United Way, I hope I win. I have bought 13 chances, 13 is a lucky number in my family. So, cross your fingers!
I am discombobulated today, I really hope the root beer/coke floats do well today, come get yours in Richardson! We will also have sugar-free ice cream and diet coke and root beer as well, so something for everyone.
I hope everyone has a great Friday! Go out and make it a Starbucks day! Love you and much love to Miss Jan!

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