My day has not started off good, first of all, I am on my second day of no sleep, secondly I fell going to my car to come to work and then I spilled coffee on myself. Not good so far, I do not see it getting better, on an up note my team at work won 1st place over all for creativity in our decorating contest. We were Brazil, I have pictures posted on my Facebook, so if you know me you can see them, if not, well I guess you are kinda out of luck.
Luck, there is a word I despise, I am not what one define as lucky, I never have been, I tend to believe people make their own luck. That you take advantage of the opportunities God places in your path, or you were born lucky. Ugh. What a conundrum, I believe I was born not so favored, seriously, the clumsiness, the weight issues, the needing plastic surgery issues. Man, I got the short end of the stick, oh and no talent, let’s just add that in there.
If I had one single talent I think I might consider myself favored, however, I have nothing. Not one thing, I can’t sing, I am so not an artist, I wish there were one thing I was really good at. Let me think, I can roller skate, however, as I get older that will no longer be a viable talent, brittle bones of the old don’t you know. I can type 95 words a minute, however as I get older I am sure that will slow down, I can read fast, naturally, however as I slowly go blind I am sure I will lose that ability as well. Can those things really be regarded as talents? I can’t parlay them into a lucrative career, are they really marketable? I mean how many job offerings are there for roller skaters?
So here I sit, talentless, losing my looks (quickly) and overwhelmed by life at this point. Needing direction for my life, any suggestions totally welcomed. What do you think I would be good at? Do you think I have a talent?

Real Housewives of New Jersey Stress

Well, another weekend is gone, another three day weekend is gone, I got to spend Friday in Bonham seeing Jeffrey, Elizabeth and Alex. A great day indeed, I spent time at the shop with the boys, and then I went to Elizabeth Anne’s office and got the grand tour.
She has so much Office stuff, from Dunder Mifflin Paper to a Dwight bobble head, so cool! I took pictures and posted them to Facebook, so if you really know me and are friends with me you can see the items there.
Then it was off to pick Tess up from school and take her to Jump Street for an adventure, we jumped and ran and had a ton of fun. Then it was McDonald’s so she could eat and play some more. She made friends with some girls on the playground and had a ton of fun there as well. A good afternoon indeed.
On Saturday, it was Avengers day, I watched everything, from the gag reel to the extended scenes to the one narrated by Joss Whedon. Then I watched the movie again, for the 7th time, yes you are reading correctly, the 7th time, no I did not assimilate into the movie yet. I don’t believe that happens until like the 30th time. So I have plenty of time to pick out my outfit that I will be wearing for all eternity in the film.
I stayed up last night and watched the first part of the reunion show for the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I am so stressed out by that show; Theresa is either living in such denial, is delusional or is a pathological liar. I can’t decide, even when confronted by the fact that she does not write her own blog and doesn’t even know the meanings of the words used in the blog she will not give it up. She put down Caroline for being overweight and not having any plastic surgery. Ok, what kind of world are we living in when women are put down for NOT having plastic surgery? I know I talk about it a lot, wanting to have it, but I would never put down anyone for not having it. My mother and grandmother were beautiful women and they never had plastic surgery. Shame on you Theresa for putting someone down for being natural, shame on you for saying your husband could get more phone numbers at a bar than someone else’s husband. What? Who would brag on something like that amid the rumors of your husband cheating on you? Seriously? I believe Jacqueline over you, it is that simple, as does most of America, I do believe you are narcissistic on a level that is beyond comprehension. I do not believe you were that way the first season, you were more into your daughters and your home life, yes to some extent your looks, however we are all to some extent into our looks, but now you have surpassed everyone on a level that is just scary. Stop putting others down to make yourself feel better and know that when a parent has passed you do not EVER say anything about them that is derogatory in nature. I don’t even know if I can stomach watching the other two installments of the reunion, but I probably will.