My day has not started off good, first of all, I am on my second day of no sleep, secondly I fell going to my car to come to work and then I spilled coffee on myself. Not good so far, I do not see it getting better, on an up note my team at work won 1st place over all for creativity in our decorating contest. We were Brazil, I have pictures posted on my Facebook, so if you know me you can see them, if not, well I guess you are kinda out of luck.
Luck, there is a word I despise, I am not what one define as lucky, I never have been, I tend to believe people make their own luck. That you take advantage of the opportunities God places in your path, or you were born lucky. Ugh. What a conundrum, I believe I was born not so favored, seriously, the clumsiness, the weight issues, the needing plastic surgery issues. Man, I got the short end of the stick, oh and no talent, let’s just add that in there.
If I had one single talent I think I might consider myself favored, however, I have nothing. Not one thing, I can’t sing, I am so not an artist, I wish there were one thing I was really good at. Let me think, I can roller skate, however, as I get older that will no longer be a viable talent, brittle bones of the old don’t you know. I can type 95 words a minute, however as I get older I am sure that will slow down, I can read fast, naturally, however as I slowly go blind I am sure I will lose that ability as well. Can those things really be regarded as talents? I can’t parlay them into a lucrative career, are they really marketable? I mean how many job offerings are there for roller skaters?
So here I sit, talentless, losing my looks (quickly) and overwhelmed by life at this point. Needing direction for my life, any suggestions totally welcomed. What do you think I would be good at? Do you think I have a talent?

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