Bullet Proof Coffee

I love coffee, there, I’ve said it, everyone knows it, and all should know how unhappy I was during the thirty day cleanse. No dairy, no cream in my coffee, when I was able to add it back in, it made me sick. I was betrayed by the very thing I loved, what to do now was the big question.

The coconut creamer and the almond creamer just didn’t do it for me, then someone posted on Facebook about the bulletproof coffee. What is this I asked, I must know, well it is Kerrygold butter and something called MCT oil, however I don’t know what that is so left it out. I put the butter and the coffee in my bullet to blend it, the recipe said a blender, I am not getting that thing out when I have this on the counter. It was so amazingly good! The next go around I added honey and cinnamon, I will never look back, the best coffee I have ever had.

I highly recommend it, if you are a coffee lover and like the taste of the coffee without the flavored creamers, you will be a fan instantly.

Halloween was awesome, Tess went as Cleopatra and she was adorable, after she went out to get her candy she handed out mine. It was an easy family dinner, pizza, which I did not have, Gladys’ stories of her experience with pizza has me scared to try it.

Yesterday was glorious, I woke up to have my awesome coffee, got caught up on my DVR’d things and then Costco and grocery store. Last night of course was spent with Dr Who, an episode that left me breathless! I will not go on, in case anyone has not seen it, I don’t want to give anything away. Just know that it was a spectacular episode, can hardly wait for the season ender next week.

Today will be spent with Tess, shopping for her fall wardrobe, very excited about that! Love that little girl and getting to spend time with her, she is nothing short of amazing.

I hope everyone has a great week; I am still working out at Fitness Together and staying off of almost all dairy, exception being the Kerrygold in my coffee. Staying off of grains and sugars as well. I weigh in next week and will be measured again; I know it won’t be as dramatic as the first month, however I am sure it is a loss!

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