Why I Do Business with my Ex-Husband

Well here it is 2015, we still don’t have flying cars, a little disappointing I must say. Speaking of cars, I got one, yesterday, I wasn’t looking for a new car but this is what happens when I got to my ex-husbands place of business. I leave with a new vehicle; I must say I am very happy with my car. It is a 2012 Ford Fusion, it is OU maroon, so that makes me really happy and it drives like a dream.

I know what you are thinking, um your ex-husband; however, there are reasons why I buy my cars from him and only him. Number one reason is the money I spend with him stays with family; two of my children work for him. So the money goes to pay their salaries, number two, he never cheats me on price, in fact he gives me a better price than anyone else would. Number three, I take my cars to his shop, he makes sure that the vehicles I have stay in working order. Even though our children are grown and no longer are riding in those cars, our granddaughter is.

My dad used to say that my ex-husband was the best mechanic he had ever known, very high praise from him, since he was a mechanic himself. I come from a long line of mechanics, my dad, grandpa, uncles, cousins, nephews; they all worked on cars and anything else that needed fixing. Never hire someone for what you can do yourself, my dad taught me about the inner workings of the combustible engine. He didn’t want me cheated by an unethical mechanic when he was gone.

So there you have it, the reasons why I have always and will continue to do business with my ex-husband. I also recommend him to my friends and family; if you are in the area of Bonham, go see him.

So 2014 is gone, 2015 is here, and with it brings the weather I love, it is cold and raining, perfection. God is giving me a message of hope, that 2015 will be exceptional, as is every year. I pray that He will use me to His glorification, that I will put His wants for my life above my own desires.

I pray that everyone reading this will have abundant peace and joy in their lives, that they will know what it is to live a fruitful life.

Most of all I pray for a sanctification of my country, that we would all take a hard look at ourselves and understand we are in this together. We must put the past in the past and move forward as one, understand each other and walk hand in hand.

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