I am obsessed with my new coffee maker. It is a GE and I don’t even know all of the things it does yet. I do know it makes the best coffee ever! It has a coffee filter already there, no more paper filters, so that means I am going green with the coffee making! And it has so many buttons that I haven’t even taken the time to figure them out. I did figure out how to set the time on the clock, so yay me. I found it at Wal-Mart for $39.99, which I think is a pretty good deal on a really good coffee maker.
I have had almost a whole pot of coffee so far today, I think we all know what that means, watch out world at large!
I have already accomplished a lot this morning, cleaned kitchen, ran dishwasher, 3 loads of laundry, took trash out, coffee really is amazing.
I have been listening to Christian Kane a lot lately; I hope he puts out more songs soon. If his album were vinyl I would have already worn it out. I particularly love American Made and House Rules, those two are my favorites. I play them in the car and sing them at the top of my lungs; I know you are all surprised. I try not to do this with others in the car; it is just embarrassing how bad my singing voice really is. I have a great speaking voice; I don’t know what happened to the singing part of it. I guess you only get one gift at a time.
I have been thinking about the topic that my friend Kim suggested the other day. I am not quite ready to tackle that one, but soon. It is a topic that is timely and also relevant, as almost everyone works in an office or belongs to a social group where things like this tend to happen. I have to gather my thoughts on this particular topic as it is bothersome to me and I tend to rant about it and I want my thoughts to be cohesive. Soon Kimmy, soon. I promise.
Tomorrow is Career Conference for Mary Kay; I am very excited about it. We always learn about the new products coming out and we also get a preview with the new products in our “swag”. So I am sure I will be writing all about that on Sunday! Stay tuned! Oh and if you want to check out my MK website it is

Starbucks Early

Yes, I had Starbucks a day early. I went to the Starbucks located at Preston and Spring Creek and I asked the friendly worker bee if there were any other new flavors besides the Dark Cherry Mocha and she said no, but had I tried the white chocolate Dark Cherry goodness. I had not, so I told her to load me up! Heaven, pure, unadulterated heaven. Not as wonderful as the regular Dark Cherry Mocha, but still, roll your eyes in the back of your head tasty goodness!

The Day After

‘70’s day has come and gone, the heavy eyeshadow has been washed off; the clothes put away, the hairspray washed out of the hair, the attitude, well that is still here. What is a ‘70’s attitude you might wonder, well, for me, it is the total belief I can do anything, be anything, and I am the cutest of the cute! Never outgrew that.
I fell asleep last night at 7:00 p.m. and did not wake up until 3:30 a.m. this morning. And when I say did not wake up, I mean I slept sound and solid for over 8 hours. I must have needed it. I have been exhausted lately and could not shake it, I woke up full of vim and vigor, even before the caffeine.
Today on my way to work, Pink Floyd’s The Wall came on the radio; I love that song, when I was a junior in high school I wrote a 5 page essay on that song. I got an A. of course. It was Mrs. Farrimond’s class, I loved that class. I remember at the beginning of the year, she gave us our English Literature books; well I took mine home and read it that night. Yes, the whole book. Tammi wasn’t at my house that night so I was allowed to read (she forbade me from reading in her presence). Later, Mrs. Farrimond told us to read a story in the book and answer the questions at the end of the story. Well, since I had already read the story, I just flipped to the questions at the end of the story and began doing the homework. Before I can get to the second question she is at my desk asking me what I am doing. I told her I was doing the assignment, answering the questions. She said you are supposed to read the story first. So I informed her in my snottiest voice (and believe me, I can get a snotty tone, it’s a gift) that I have already read the entire book. She then takes me to her desk and starts flipping to random stories in the book and asking me questions, which I answer perfectly. I believe she had newfound respect for me after that. She invited me to be her aide when I was a senior.
I am pondering a topic that my friend Kimmy suggested yesterday, I am thinking it may be tomorrow’s topic, today I am random, or retro, can’t decide. If retro, I blame my car radio. If random, I blame the amazing sleep I got last night!

1970’s Day

Today is ‘70’s day at work, everyone is supposed to dress up in styles from the 1970’s. This is soooooooo right up my alley. So here I sit, looking disco ready. I found my mood necklace, yes mood necklace, not mood ring. I might be retro; however, I am retro with style. My only wish is that I had some Bonnie Bell Strawberry lipsmacker lip gloss. Now that would have been perfection!
As it is, I look pretty perfect right now, am wearing my ‘70’s jeans from Victoria’s Secret, platforms by Marciano, and the cutest top I found at Macy’s. I am so stylin’!
Pictures to follow. Dressing this way totally has me channeling 16 year old Angie, whose main goal in life was to runaway from Owasso and travel to New York and dance the night away at Studio 54. Ok, if I am honest I would still totally do that. I would dance away in my bedroom to all of the disco hits of the day, More, More, More, Fly Robin Fly and of course anything Earth, Wind and Fire put out. What was your favorite thing to do at 16? Remember this is a family friendly site, so please only post things you would not be embarrassed for your children to know.
I am all alone on my side of the building right now, wondering if anyone else will show up in ‘70’s gear. I hope so, otherwise, I will be the only one. Oh, I would get all of the attention; I do believe I am ok with that.
I think back to when I was 16 that was a memorable year, I got my first marriage proposal, as all good southern girls do, I didn’t marry him, omg the thought. I got my driver’s license, which meant freedom, my first job, my first date, as I was not allowed to date until then, and no, it was not the boy who proposed. It was the year of feathered hair, aquanet hairspray, super tight jeans and roller disco. And strawberry lip gloss, to this day when I smell the strawberry lip gloss by Bonnie Bell, I am instantly transported back there. To Owasso, to the Skateranch, to fall football games and innocence.
Today will be a total time travel day for me! I hope it is for you as well.


Happy Monday to everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was short, way too short. But it is Monday and I am ready to plow through!
Last night one of my new favorite shows was all new, Ruby, on the Style Network. This show totally rocks, and I am going to tell you why.
Ruby Gettinger and her efforts to lose weight are the focus of the show, well the original focus of the show. It has evolved into something very different; at least I feel it has. Ruby cannot remember a huge chunk of her childhood, and the part she cannot remember is the part where she started putting on the pounds. She was up to over 700 pounds, she is now, the last time she weighed on the show, 331. She is doing this the old fashioned way, diet and exercise. She has thrown in therapy to figure out why she eats so much, or ate so much. Food addiction is like any other addiction; you are taking a substance to take away whatever pain you are in. Ruby doesn’t know why she was in so much emotional pain that she had to self medicate with food that is what she is trying to discover now, in front of all of us.
This woman inspires me, she is open and honest and completely real. She hides nothing, not even when she slips up and eats something she shouldn’t. It is all there for us to see, the triumphs and the falls. I am inspired by her desire to not just lose weight but her desire to get to the root of her problems, or issues. Issues she is not even aware of at this time.
I am inspired to get to the root of my issues, there are many, so I am going to start with one, I haven’t decided which one yet. Do any of you have any suggestions where I should start? What issues do you see me having? And please, for the love of all that is holy do not say Starbucks, that is the one addiction I will never give up. Ok, and shoes and Godiva and hair products, but other than that I am open to suggestion.


It is very quiet here today. It is finally lunch time and yes I went for Starbucks. And yes, I know it is not Friday. However, in my defense, I did get non-fat and no whip. Still yummy.
I want to ask the world at large this question: If you create you password, and I spell your password for you, letter by letter, do you still mistype it, then blame the equipment because you cannot type your own password, that you, yourself created? Just curious.
I am the only one here on my side of the building right now, I don’t know if more will come later, but I am enjoying the peacefulness. The unexpected, lovely present of snow has filled me with a serenity that only comes with each snowfall we have. There has been more than usual this year. I think God is telling me something. That He does think of me and I am one of His favorites….. Anyone who doesn’t like the snow should totally take it up with Him, write back and let me know what the response was. The only bad thing about this weather are the people who do not know how to drive in it. Please, please, please do not ride my bumper, that is just, well, for lack of a better word, stupid. And if you are in front of me, don’t hit your brakes. Other than that, drive on!

Sunday or work day?

Today is the 2nd day of spring and there is a blanket of snow covering everything. You might wonder what is so strange about that, well this is North Texas. The last time this happened was 1989. I remember it well due to it was the year Elizabeth was born. The snow makes me very, very happy. The drive to work today did not.
I lost control of the car no less than three times. Just for a nanosecond, however, it was enough to make me want to go home. I did not, I persevered, and I am here. However if they offer etime, I am out of here!
This weekend was very short, Saturday I attended a baby shower for a friend, who, not ironically is having a baby. She is having a boy, so blue was the theme of the day! It was so much fun to get to buy baby boy things again. It seems here recently everyone I know that are having babies are having girls. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pink spending spree, however the blue was a nice change.
The shower was in Terrell, for those of you not familiar with Plano and the outlying areas, Terrell is about an hour and a half out. I didn’t realize it was so far, I have worked with people who make that drive every day. I have a newfound respect for their dedication to work.
Then I am at work today. I traded with a friend so I could take off Friday without using a vacation day. She was actually taking today off, so this gave her a day off without using a vacation day. Win/win situation. So it was off to bed at 8 last night for me. I am afraid I am very boring today.

Christian Kane

Ok, I know everyone thinks I am insane, but I am going to prove, that even though we have never met, that I am 4 of the girls he talks about in American Made.. If you can figure out which 4, you win a prize:
Well down in Panama city
They perfected the art of the tan
And those Oklahoma girls
They sure know why they call it heartland
Well up in Seattle, boy they’ll have you prayin for rain
And those Tempe, Arizona women’ll have you beggin for shade
And from the Valley girl talk to that Southern Belle drawl
Oh my Gad
Hey hey y’all
My girl, she’s American made
(raised right here in the USA)
Yeah my girl, she’s American made
(hotter than an Independence July day)
Ah She loves flag flying, hot apple pie, cold beer at a football game
My girl, she’s American made
Well there’s a Tennessee girl that will always have a place in my heart – that’s right
And those Broadway beauties, they sure know how to play their parts
Ooh, Louisiana ladies got a mojo that makes you wanna stay
Yeah, but there’s a city full of angels, always waiting on me home in L.A.
Yeah, I can hand down in Texas, while them girls sing along
Living on Lonestar beer and Pat Green songs
My girl, she’s American made
(raised right here in the USA)
Yeah my girl, she’s American made
(hotter than an Independence July day)
Ah She loves flag flying, hot apple pie, cold beer at a football game
My girl, she’s American made
Mmm, she loves flag flying, hot apple pie, cold beer at a baseball game
My girl is American made
Yeah my girl is American ma-a-a-ade, oooh
My girl
(raised right here in the USA)
Oooh give me an evening in Alabama with a babe
My girl
(raised right here in the USA)
Oh and up in Indiana, man, rollin in the hay
(raised right here in the USA)
And over in Hawaii you can find a good lei
(She’s American made)
(raised right here in the USA)

Starbucks Redux

Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks, how you have redeemed yourself for not being there when I so desperately needed you. Your warmth fills me; your cherry goodness satisfies me on such a decadent level that is difficult to find the words to sufficiently describe it. How I miss you when we are not together. Parting is such sweet sorrow, due to the fact I drank you and now you are gone.


It’s Friday people, time to wake up and say wooohooo, get this party started, drink some coffee, do the dance of joy and figure out what you are going to get at Starbucks!
I have decided to forgive Starbucks for abandoning me on the day I needed them most. I will be going back today; I will be getting my coffee treat. Oh, before I forget, go online at and get the coupon for a free pastry treat on March 23. Great offer, you have to buy a coffee treat to get the pastry treat, but still a great deal.
Ok, advertising for Starbucks done! This weekend I am so busy, first I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow, for my good friend Geneva. I am so excited for her; she is having a boy, so tons of blue things to be bought. Then back to work on Sunday, this time at 5 AM, I traded schedules with a woman here at work. She is going to work my Friday next week. So the next weekend you will have to have super perky Angie on Thursday instead of Friday! I know you are all excited about that.
My fiancée is shaving his head for charity; here is the link to read all about it, Here at work the morale committee is having a raffle, I have donated a Mary Kay gift basket so they can raise more money for him, yes I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. This is nothing new I have been one since 2001. I love it, it is so much fun and I am surrounded by all of the skin care products I could ever want! And yes I have a website,, so you can visit both if you want!
The reason I traded days with my friend here at work is due to a Mary Kay function the following weekend. It was very gracious of her to trade with me. This weekend I have to do something I don’t like very much, grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping, is there anyone else out there that hates it as much as I do?
Anyone want to make a Starbucks run for me right now????