Things I hate

There are very few things in this world that I truly hate. However, working out is the number one thing that I truly, bottom of my heart hate. Well then, why do it you might ask. I ask myself that all of the time, then I turn to TLC, (The Learning Chanel) and watch a show featuring 700 pound people. I am not exaggerating, 700 + pounds. This man, who was in England, could not leave his bed. I didn’t watch long enough to see how he relieved himself; I didn’t really want to know. It was, although, sufficient motivation to get me to the gym. I went all last week for the first time in over a year; I used to be very fanatical about it. Then I slacked off. Now I am back and working furiously at not being 700 pounds. Yes, that is my only goal. Not to be that huge. I’m not huge now; I just don’t want to be. So off to the gym tomorrow to torture myself so I will not be ginormous. ¬†Oh did I mention I am trying to exist on 500 or less calories a day. I have yet to achieve that goal. It is mostly around 1000. Which is probably more realistic for a healthy lifestyle however, I have never been accused of healthy eating habits. Any thoughts….

Joss Whedon

I was reading a question posted on regarding Joss Whedon’s internet baby, Dr Horrible’s sing along blog. The person who wrote the question obviously had never seen Mr. Whedon’s work. She was questioning the twist ending, don’t worry I am not going¬† to spoil it for all of my friends who love his work as much as I. You can see the webisode on itunes now. I, of course, watched it last weekend before the episodes went to itunes. my review in one word…. BRILLIANT. Typical Whedon. Joss is just so freakin brilliant. Ok, so by now you have guessed I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and the movie Serenity. I cannot wait for the Dollhouse this fall. I have missed his presence on television. I hope to see some other Buffy Alumni’s in this new venture. The star is Eliza Dushku, Faith from Buffy and Angel. The premise if very promising, I cannot wait to see what he does with it.

Shoes, Chocolate and Starbucks

That is me in a nutshell. As for the shoes, well, call me Imelda from Plano. I love that I live in Plano, Texas. I have the best shoe shopping possibilities surrounding me. I am completely addicted to BCBG, Dollhouse, Chinese Laundry and Michael Kors at the moment.

Chocolate, well the darker the better. I love Godiva dark chocolate. For Valentines Day my boyfriend got me the biggest box of dark chocolate from Godiva. I love him too.

Starbucks. Oh the word invokes love. The aroma, the sounds of the espresso machine, the absolute warmth of the establishments. I limit myself to one a week, on my Fridays. I know that sounds strange but my work week ends on Thursday so that is my Friday. My friend Jess and I get Starbucks on my Friday morning. It is our treat to ourselves. Everyone should have one.