Wedding update

Today I want to talk about my wedding; it has been way too long since I have given an update. Well the colors have changed; they will be red and silver. Not orange based red, but blue based red. There is a huge difference. My daughters, Elizabeth and Stacy will be my attendants and my son Jeffrey will give me away. I have yet to figure out something for Alex. I have not found the venue yet, however my friend Mary, her husband works at South Fork and he is getting me prices.
I know I want a total disco reception, now this does not mean costume party, it means dancing and lights and fun think of Studio 54 without the hedonism. I would love to have a dance floor like they had in Saturday Night Fever! OMG that would so totally rock!
I have 4 little girls to get matching dresses for, Tessa, Brooklyn, Lauren and Caroline. My two grand daughters and John’s two daughters. They will look so cute!
I know I want a disco ball cake, but I don’t know what flavor I want yet. I have not decided on a caterer, or baker, not much of anything else. I just know what I want and what I don’t want.
I am now undecided on my dress, I thought I had it picked out, now am not so sure. I know it won’t be white; I want cream, maybe, oh or silver!
I am up to 900 calories a day now, off of the 500. That was purely for cleansing purposes. I did very well but it was tough. I still want a cookie so bad; I can smell them when I walk into a store. Bakeries are murder on me!! Forget about walking down the baking aisle! A lot of decisions still need to be made; I have made the guest list, baby steps!

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