My Weekend

On Friday I went to pick up Tessa from school as it was our afternoon to have an adventure, first on the agenda, a stop at the school playground to swing and play. And play we did, Tessa decided we should play a game of zombies, in which I was the zombie, I gave it my best shot, however I believe the folks of The Walking Dead would not have hired me to be one of the walking dead.
As we were leaving the school, sitting at a stop light, the most horrible thing I have witnessed to date happened. I saw a little girl crossing the street, on the red light. I saw a car turning on the green light and thought I hope the driver sees the little girl, then it dawns on me that the driver does not see the girl.
Tess and I both see it at the same time and begin yelling no, the SUV hits the girl and knocks her off of the bicycle, I threw the car into park and told Tessa to stay in her car seat. I did not want her getting out until I saw if things were bad or if she could safely be exposed to the situation.
There was no blood on the ground, the girls bike was mangled and her cell phone destroyed, she was on the ground and her leg was hurt, but no blood. The driver of the SUV who hit her was already calling 911, I asked the little girl if she knew her mothers number as her phone was destroyed and incapable of making a call. She did, I dialed, no answer, I left a voicemail telling the mother that I would call her back. I called a second time, still no answer, I then sent a text message. A few minutes later I did receive a call from the little girls mother. I answered and asked if she was indeed the mother and she answered affirmatively. I handed my phone to a paramedic who, in theory would have been better equipped to tell a parent their child has been injured.
After giving my statement to the police officer, making sure the little girl was ok, Tessa and I left, I assured her the girl would be fine and her mother was coming. We then went off to McDonald’s to take her mind off of it, then on to her school carnival, she had so much fun at the carnival. Bouncing in houses, running in a giant round thing, eating junk and playing with her friends.
Later that evening the mother of the little girl called me and told me thank you for being so diligent in my effort to contact her, she said the little girl was fine. Banged and bruised and would be sore the next day, but other than that she would be 100% in a few days.
I was relieved to hear that, it was such a horrific event, I believe I witnessed a miracle, that child could have been hurt much worse or even killed. She was riding without her mother’s permission and without a helmet, people no matter what age your child is, please make sure they wear a helmet.
That was my eventful Friday, Saturday was much quieter, it was my dear friend Sandi’s birthday, I still can’t believe she is gone. I miss her so much, to this day when something good happens I can hear her voice. She was such an amazing woman, a great friend and an all around outstanding human.
Sunday was Mother’s Day and it was spent with my 4 favorite people, Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Alex and Tessa, I was very surprised by Tessa being able to join us. So it was a great surprise, I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great week.

United Way Update

Today has been a strange day indeed; however I am not going to write about that. I am going to tell you about our United Way Fundraising efforts. We started on August 15, going to business begging for donations to raffle or to give as door prizes to encourage fellow employees to give. We started off with a bang of a food sale and it went from there. We had a specific goal in mind, $10,000.00 in a little under two months of fundraising. My team worked tirelessly, I am so very proud to have worked alongside some of the best people I know. We had raffles; we had food sales, lunch sales, breakfast sales and sales in-between. Brent smoked brisket and turkey legs like a pro and he and Jose both grilled till they were about toasted themselves.
We had four carnivals in four different locations within a two week period; our building on Lakeside in Richardson was the big winner raking in over $1,200.00 in one day. The other buildings were huge successes as well, Central, Glennville and Roundtable, everyone came out, danced to the music that our wonderful DJ Juan provided. It was an amazing turnout for an amazing cause.
At this point in time we are still counting the money, it looks like we are just shy of $200.00 of reaching our goal, if anyone would like to donate any cash, I will be accepting funds till Friday. Then it all has to be in the bank and a cashier’s check made out to United Way.
We had a whirlwind of a ride, and got to meet some pretty amazing people along the way. I never get tired of doing this, every year is a great experience and I hope I get to do it again.
Thank you, everyone, for your generosity of spirit, open hearts and open pocket books. I have said it before and I will say it again, you simply rock.

United Way Carnival

I am not ready to write about the Real Housewives of New Jersey yet, I am still processing, was incredibly upset that Jacqueline was not there. She is my ultimate favorite; I believe she has taken enough from Teresa. Good for her for standing up for herself. Ok, I said I wouldn’t write about it and I am not.
Today is the huge carnival at Lakeside, I am very excited about this, it is a large building with great supporters. I am so happy we will not only be selling things but creating a fun atmosphere that will hopefully make their workday a little brighter. Friday was so much fun in my building, with the DJ, the food, the games and the atmosphere of enjoyment. I received many comments from co-workers about how much fun they had and how pleasant the workday had been. That totally made all of the effort worth it.
We have a great basket for raffle today; it is a pound of Starbucks coffee, a Fiat travel mug, with two fiat baseball hats. Come one, come all this great basket could be yours for the purchase of a dollar ticket! Of course we have our spa basket still selling raffle tickets, $195.00 gift certificate to a spa in Allen, TX. I am trying my best to win that one! That will be drawn on Thursday the 20th, so hurry and get your tickets.
The new schedule at work was announced, I did get my schedule change, I will be working 9am to 6pm Monday thru Friday beginning November 14th. It will take some getting used to; I have been doing the 5am tour for about 2 years now. Wish me luck! I am off to have a fabulous day, I wish the rest of you an amazing day as well!

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