United Way Carnival

I am not ready to write about the Real Housewives of New Jersey yet, I am still processing, was incredibly upset that Jacqueline was not there. She is my ultimate favorite; I believe she has taken enough from Teresa. Good for her for standing up for herself. Ok, I said I wouldn’t write about it and I am not.
Today is the huge carnival at Lakeside, I am very excited about this, it is a large building with great supporters. I am so happy we will not only be selling things but creating a fun atmosphere that will hopefully make their workday a little brighter. Friday was so much fun in my building, with the DJ, the food, the games and the atmosphere of enjoyment. I received many comments from co-workers about how much fun they had and how pleasant the workday had been. That totally made all of the effort worth it.
We have a great basket for raffle today; it is a pound of Starbucks coffee, a Fiat travel mug, with two fiat baseball hats. Come one, come all this great basket could be yours for the purchase of a dollar ticket! Of course we have our spa basket still selling raffle tickets, $195.00 gift certificate to a spa in Allen, TX. I am trying my best to win that one! That will be drawn on Thursday the 20th, so hurry and get your tickets.
The new schedule at work was announced, I did get my schedule change, I will be working 9am to 6pm Monday thru Friday beginning November 14th. It will take some getting used to; I have been doing the 5am tour for about 2 years now. Wish me luck! I am off to have a fabulous day, I wish the rest of you an amazing day as well!

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