Giving Up

There have been several things I have given up in the past year, diet coke, I have not had one since before Easter of 2013, microwave popcorn, I have not had this since January of last year. Thank you Elizabeth Anne for that one, the Whirly Pop is awesome. Artificial sweeteners, I gave those up in 2012, one would think this would cause me to lose weight. No, not me, fat loves me, wants to stick around, sad is what it is.
I now have my coffee at home, except for Fridays, and have water with lemon in it the rest of the day. A real lemon by the way, not lemon flavoring, no sugar, just water and lemon.
I find myself craving it now; your body starts wanting the water and the vitamin C. I highly recommend it.
I know I need to exercise, I am hoping to start this Friday, my friend Gladys belongs to place that has Zumba at 7:30 in the evenings. While I cannot do it during the week, I can do it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That is three days more than I am doing anything at the moment.
I am going to go this Friday, pray for me, I know it will kill me, like, literally kill me. I seriously hate exercise, I know I have said it before, I never get the endorphins people talk about, the love never comes. However, Zumba feels like dancing and that I can do. I know I will look like a zombie on crack doing it, but do it I shall.
Off to work I go, to have the fun, talk to the people, fix the Internet, because that’s my superhero power.

More Issues

Well, I have made it to my Friday, I did stop at Starbucks, I know you are wondering what I was able to get that fits in with my diet. Well, I got an unsweetened Passion tea and a fruit cup, both 0 Weight Watcher points. So far so good, I have had no sugar this week, since Sunday, Sunday was my last hurrah, I had everything then. It was actually a relief not to eat sugar on Monday, however, by Tuesday it was not pleasant, the cravings were hitting me with a vengeance last night, but I did not cave.
I don’t think anyone understands the depth of my addiction; some of my friends are all like, just have one cookie, or one piece of candy. That is all well and good for someone who has self control, however, for me that one would turn into twenty. I have no control when it comes to sweets, I can give up pasta, bread, pizza and even puffy Cheetos with no issues, but the sugar. I have such a hard time with it; I don’t think anyone understands that.
Ok, so, yesterday I read these tips on how you can burn calories and how these activities will keep you thin. One of them was bouncing your legs, WHAT, I do that like crazy, I have all my life, according to this article I should weigh like 8 pounds. Oh maybe if I didn’t do it I would weigh 8 million pounds, maybe it is the only thing keeping me down to this level. Wow, I never thought of that, maybe I should be grateful I am not 8 million pounds; I still wish I were the 8 pounds. And no, I do not actually want to weigh 8 pounds, it is an exaggeration to illustrate my obsession with weight.
Ok people, I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday; I shall be working for “the man”, earning my wages so I can buy shoes.

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