Giving Up

There have been several things I have given up in the past year, diet coke, I have not had one since before Easter of 2013, microwave popcorn, I have not had this since January of last year. Thank you Elizabeth Anne for that one, the Whirly Pop is awesome. Artificial sweeteners, I gave those up in 2012, one would think this would cause me to lose weight. No, not me, fat loves me, wants to stick around, sad is what it is.
I now have my coffee at home, except for Fridays, and have water with lemon in it the rest of the day. A real lemon by the way, not lemon flavoring, no sugar, just water and lemon.
I find myself craving it now; your body starts wanting the water and the vitamin C. I highly recommend it.
I know I need to exercise, I am hoping to start this Friday, my friend Gladys belongs to place that has Zumba at 7:30 in the evenings. While I cannot do it during the week, I can do it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That is three days more than I am doing anything at the moment.
I am going to go this Friday, pray for me, I know it will kill me, like, literally kill me. I seriously hate exercise, I know I have said it before, I never get the endorphins people talk about, the love never comes. However, Zumba feels like dancing and that I can do. I know I will look like a zombie on crack doing it, but do it I shall.
Off to work I go, to have the fun, talk to the people, fix the Internet, because that’s my superhero power.

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