What I Really Think

Well the first Presidential debate is behind us and we have a clear cut winner. Mitt Romney take a bow, you totally dominated the stage. I love a man who takes charge, knows his points and keeps on track. This is a man who knows finance, who knows about giving as well, for those of you not familiar with his giving to charity record, please take a moment and look it up.
I woke this morning to twitter being filled with R.I.P. Big Bird, really, that is all you people got out of that? Do you know what I got out of that, for those of you lamenting the possible ending to Big Bird and PBS, I would ask this, when was the last time you donated? The majority of PBS funding is not the government, it is the public sector, so, if you want to keep this great thing going, open your pocket books, quit relying on the government to give you things.
I am so sick of people relying on the government giving them things, that is my money you are getting! I want you to get a job, my daughter said it best, if you have never worked then you don’t deserve Social Security or Medicare. If you have never paid in, why are you taking? I don’t have an issue with people getting those things that they have paid into; I have issues with people getting these things when they have never paid into it.
I work hard for my money, I am tired of being crushed, and crushing me you are President Obama, I am paying for your programs. But you don’t think about the middle class, that we are the ones paying for your constituents.
Speaking of Obama, the man we saw last night is the real deal, the fumbling, inarticulate mess that was on that stage is who went around to foreign countries apologizing for America. Is that really what you want for another 4 years? I don’t’, I want someone who takes charge, who is prepared, who knows his stuff and can be forceful when necessary. That man is Mitt Romney.
It is not the moderator’s fault that your man can’t answer a single question without a teleprompter, what was he even reading. What was he looking down at all the time? I can hardly wait for the Biden-Ryan debate, now this is going to be good.
You know what else I’m tired of, people saying things about how Romney has money, thank you Jesus he has money. Do you even understand what that means? That means he knows how to handle money, he is good at managing funds, balancing a budget. Give me a president who has money, who gives more to charity than he takes for himself, who thinks of others, who doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t curse and is devoted to his religion and his family.
He is not wishy washy, he is firm about where he stands, he can take control. Amen and hallelujah, let’s get this party started.


I was watching the View today and Joy Behar said something that really made me angry, huge surprise there, what they were talking about was should a woman choose to be on welfare to stay home with her children. My resounding answer to that is no, no she should not, I should not have to pay for someone to be a stay at home parent. Welfare was put into place to be a stop-gap, to help people get on their feet, not keep them on their behinds.
I feel very strongly about this, and I am going to tell you why, I was a stay at home mom, my husband at the time and I chose that for our family. We could afford for me not to bring home a paycheck, so that is what we chose. for the families that cannot afford that choice, I’m sorry, but it is not a reality for them. When I was a single mom, staying home was not an option, I did what I had to do in order for my family to survive. I worked two jobs and went to school full-time, I would like to add my jobs were considered menial. I kept kids in my home and I worked at Kids R Us, a children’s clothing store, there was no money for extras, my big break came when I got a job offer from the telephone company. I could cut down to one job, what a luxury that was for us at the time, I would like to reiterate, I did what I had to do to ensure the survival of my family. I did not continue to stay home as that was not a luxury I could afford, I was not going to go on welfare to continue my lifestyle when I myself could not maintain it.
Mitt Romney’s wife has seriously come under fire for being a stay at home mom? It is something they could afford, and it was something she and her husband decided was best for their family. I do not fault them for that decision, in fact this is the same as when Theresa Hienz-Kerry put down Laura Bush for being a Kindergarten teacher. Why as women are we putting each other down? Working or staying home, we all need to support one another, these are choices that we make, well, no, I take that back, sometimes the choice is not ours. If families cannot afford for one parent to stay home, it is better for them to work than it is for them to be on welfare. I will say that long and loud, I do not want to pay for anyone’s choices in life. Now being on welfare because you are not able to work or were laid off and are actively looking for a job is very different from making a choice to stay home and collect checks.
I am going to be honest about this, I don’t want to pay for people’s birth control, abortions or laziness, I do not mind paying for actual health conditions for those that need help and for help getting back on ones feet. Hugely different issues there, make no mistake about it, I am not afraid of hard work, if the only job I could find were to be digging ditches I would do it. If the only job were to be a fry cook in McDonald’s I would do it, honest work for honest pay, that is after all the real American dream.

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