OUvsKU Adventure

Well, I went on another adventure, this one to my beloved Norman, OK to see my beloved Sooners play their last home game of the season.

So, my friend Kristie works with a woman that has season tickets to OU (that’s Boomer Sooner to you) and offered her the tickets to the OU/Jayhawks game. Kristie, being from Kansas, said yes, to see her beloved Jayhawks in action was too tempting.

She then sent me a text and said there was no one she would rather see an OU game with than me. I immediately said heck yeah. So we made plans to go to the big game.

It turned out to be an evening game, so I asked my friend Shay if she would trade schedules with me. That way I wouldn’t have to be at work the next day at the crack of dawn.

She graciously agreed, we had a plan, the adventure moved forward!

We decided to meet in Gainesville, TX, since she was coming from far west Plano and I was coming from Anna.

Well, I overshoot Gainesville and actually crossed the boarder into OK. I backtracked and we went on in her car.

So much fun, I have been incredibly blessed with incredible friends where conversations never lag and we listen to the same music.

We get to Norman and park, we walk on to the campus and the fun begins in earnest.

We spy Barry Switzer on a stage, with a camera crew, we go closer and they are filming a segment called Coach’s Corner. There was another man sitting with him, I stared hard at the man, I told Kristie I know I know that man. He is super familiar. I kept staring, then they introduced him, it was Thomas Lott! He played for OU in the 1970’s, more than that, he was our neighbor in Plano! My son, Alex, was friends with one of his sons. So much fun seeing him up there with Coach Switzer. For those of you who don’t know, or don’t remember, I was born being an OU fan. My grandpa was one, my dad was one and I was born in OU hospital.

I am not a sports fan, I am an OU fan, while my mom and I bonded over Little House on the Prairie books, my dad and I bonded over OU games. Finding a commonality when one is adopted at an older age is a bonus. That love never left us, my dad loved OU until the day he left this earth. I carry that legacy of loyalty for him.

Back to the adventure, we wondered around looking for a store that had OU beanies, I wanted one, Kristie wanted one, so we searched. We found the store and we bought our hats, I am really glad we did, it became really cold later and that hat was very much needed.

We found a place to eat and discovered Kristie lost her glove, yes, one, we looked and looked, backtracked, no glove. No worries, she used her hat as a glove, it was the funniest thing to see. Incredibly effective, but funny, we found out a cold front was coming in and our new hats came in very handy.

We found our seats, 6 rows up from the field, in the endzone, we saw every touchdown OU made! It was very exciting, Kristie saw her beloved Jayhawks and the their mascot. We saw Boomer and Sooner and the Sooner Schooner! We saw Miss Oklahoma and the band up close, it was such a great experience. I am so grateful she thought of me and asked me to go with her.

We left at the 4th quarter because it was getting so cold, we walked about 3 million miles to the car. Our legs were completely frozen, thank goodness her car had seat warmers. It took over an hour to get the feelings back in our legs and behinds!

When we got to the car Kristie was saying she was worried about her parents cats, that conversation went something like this:

K: I’m really worried about my parents cats.

M: why? Are they outdoor cats or barn cats?

K: they live in the chicken coop.

M: where are the chickens?

K: they died.

M: DIED????

K: they got old and died.

M: Oh.

K: yeah my parents aren’t replacing them, they are too old to care for the chickens.

At this point I burst out laughing and said only two people from Oklahoma and Kansas can have a conversation about their parents being too old for chickens and understand the whole thing.

In case you were wondering OU won 55 to 40.

2018 has been filled with excitement, I have to tell you I have way better friends than everyone else.

First BBFF and his GF surprise me with a thank you trip to Austin to meet multiple Dr. Who’s and search for Dean Cain. Then a road trip with Shay to Montana, a trip I have dreamed of taking since I was a kid. Then the OU outing with Kristie, amazing times with such great people.

The only thing that could top any of this would be meeting and marrying Dean Cain. There is still time, 6 weeks left until 2019. It could happen.

I already have one trip planned for 2019, with my daughter as my adventure companion.

As usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to angie@angieworld.com.

Peaceful Assembly

I am proudly from Oklahoma; I don’t believe I have ever hidden that fact. I preface what I am about to say with that for good reason.
I follow several news outlets from my home state, a few days ago there was a news article regarding some students at OU staging a protest.
Now, before I continue, this is not about what they were protesting, I don’t believe that is the important issue at hand at this point. What this is about is their right to protest.
With so many people protesting the wrong way, rioting, looting, harming people, beating them, shooting them and burning neighborhoods down, this group exercised their First Amendment Right, the correct way.
They stage a peaceful protest, let me say it again, peaceful. They followed the rules of not only the Constitution of the United States of America, they behaved the way we are supposed to in a civilized society.
At the moment I read the article, I was proud of this group of young people, once again, not for what they were protesting, but in the manner they went about it. The correct way, the legal way, the civilized way, the Oklahoma way.
I scrolled down to the comments, because, well, let’s face it, these days that is the best part of the internet. Best/worst, take your pick.
People were vicious in their attack upon these protesters. I thought, what! Are you kidding me? They are literally rioting in the streets in some states. Being destructive, unproductive, unlawful, and these young people exercised their First Amendment Rights the correct way and you want to vilify them for that?
Of course I could not contain myself, perhaps I should have, but I would not be me if I had. I commented on how I didn’t understand the name calling in the comments and how the students had been within their rights to protest. It doesn’t matter what they were protesting they were within their rights to do so. As long as they obey the rules of the land I am going to defend their right to protest.
Of course at that point I opened myself up to attack, and did they. I was called names; I was called a Hillary supporter (which to me is the worst) I was vilified.
I find it shocking, that we, as Americans, don’t recognize civility and law-abiding people when we are told about them.
How are people so completely ignorant of the law? How are people so completely ignorant of our constitution? I hear it misquoted all the time. I hear people quoting the preamble as the actual constitution. Where did all of the civics classes go? Did people not attend them? Mind you the people spouting these things are roughly my age. No excuses. I grew up in Oklahoma, I was taught what it means to be an American. I was taught that all people were created equal. I was taught the First Amendment is our most important one, as it opens the door to the rest of them.
If we didn’t have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, the right to peaceful assembly, we wouldn’t have any of the others.
Freedom comes with a price, it is the price of obeying the laws, of knowing your rights and exercising them.
I commend this group of students at OU for exercising their First Amendment right to peaceful assembly.
There it is, peaceful, non-violent, they didn’t incite a riot, they didn’t scream obscenities, they didn’t beat innocent bystanders, they didn’t loot Norman, they didn’t start fires. They peacefully assembled.
If you have any comments that are vicious in nature, I will delete them. As this is AngieWorld and I write the constitution of that world. However, my email address is angie@angieworld.

Heavy Heart

My dad loved college football, he said it was the last time players played for the love of the game instead of a paycheck. He particularly loved the Sooners, he would watch every OU game that was on television and if it wasn’t on television, he would listen on the radio. This was back in the day where pay-per-view and cable didn’t really exist. Especially in the country, where we were at.
When he wasn’t rooting for OU, he rooted for OSU, unless they were playing OU of course. I asked him once why he would ever root for OSU, even when they weren’t playing OU.
He looked at me with that dad look, you know the one, the head half-cocked, one eyebrow raised, and said words I would never forget.
He told me that all Oklahomans stick together, and when OSU wasn’t playing his beloved Sooners, the Cowboys deserved his respect and attention. Simply due to the fact they were representing Oklahoma.
He would be heartbroken over what happened in Stillwater yesterday, senseless loss of life, people injured. Especially children, the children injured and dying would have brought him to his knees. He would have asked God to wrap His arms around the parents and families and thank God for welcoming the children into heaven with open arms.
He would have prayed for the person who did this, for her family, as the guilt of this will be staggering on them as well. Our actions have a ripple effect and her family will be hurting over her actions.
When I would question him on this, and I would have, he would assure me that our God is a loving God and will be there for the survivors. We should pray without prejudice, and pray unceasingly.
My dad was what we call a good man, he was a godly man and he was the head of our household. I miss his unwavering belief that everything would be ok, that consistent prayer and worship and study would bring us the answers we need in life.
He was first and foremost a Christian, after that came my mom and his family, then he was an Oklahoman, to the core of his being. Even when they moved to California during the depression he never stopped trying to figure out a way to get back.
God provided that way through a job at McDonald Douglas, God was faithful to His faithful servant.
I have to believe now, in the wake of this tragedy in my beloved Oklahoma, God is faithful, He is the great comforter.
Like my dad taught me by example, I prayed for the victims’ families, for their loss, and for the survivors, I pray for a quick healing of body, mind and soul. And yes, I pray for the perpetrators family, that they can come to grips with what their loved one did.


There are some days that writing is a tough prospect, not because I have nothing to say, quite the opposite, I have too much to say. So much that cannot be said in a public forum, it would be bad form to do so. So silently I sit, my fingers unable to tell the tale.
So on to things I can talk about, United Way fund raising is going great, we are well towards our goal. If anyone is interested in purchasing a jersey please let me know, I will get you the information. Also, if you are interested in donating raffle items I would also greatly appreciate it and it is a tax write off!
I am thinking of changing jobs, not companies mind you, but jobs, I find that I am really needing a change. I would love to go back to clerical work, not a clerk, because they make no money. However I would love to be an assistant to an executive. I know I would be good at it, I am very good at organizing and delegating, two important traits. I am also very good at not being intimidated by titles, therefore no one would get through without being on the schedule. Another plus, I have all the right clothes for it, I have this amazing BCBG black pencil skirt that would be perfect office attire, paired with a simple white blouse and my red Carlos Santana pumps, well, perfection. I think I will put that on my resume.
Ok folks, tons to do today, I will chat with you all later, oh best news EVER, Detroit won their division, so the Rangers play here Saturday, which means, TESSA time! Woo Hoo! Oh, how could I forget this is also OU/Texas weekend, GO SOONERS!