There are some days that writing is a tough prospect, not because I have nothing to say, quite the opposite, I have too much to say. So much that cannot be said in a public forum, it would be bad form to do so. So silently I sit, my fingers unable to tell the tale.
So on to things I can talk about, United Way fund raising is going great, we are well towards our goal. If anyone is interested in purchasing a jersey please let me know, I will get you the information. Also, if you are interested in donating raffle items I would also greatly appreciate it and it is a tax write off!
I am thinking of changing jobs, not companies mind you, but jobs, I find that I am really needing a change. I would love to go back to clerical work, not a clerk, because they make no money. However I would love to be an assistant to an executive. I know I would be good at it, I am very good at organizing and delegating, two important traits. I am also very good at not being intimidated by titles, therefore no one would get through without being on the schedule. Another plus, I have all the right clothes for it, I have this amazing BCBG black pencil skirt that would be perfect office attire, paired with a simple white blouse and my red Carlos Santana pumps, well, perfection. I think I will put that on my resume.
Ok folks, tons to do today, I will chat with you all later, oh best news EVER, Detroit won their division, so the Rangers play here Saturday, which means, TESSA time! Woo Hoo! Oh, how could I forget this is also OU/Texas weekend, GO SOONERS!

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