Election Rant

I make a really great cup of coffee, I use local honey, Nature Nate’s to be exact, organic cinnamon, coconut milk, the real stuff in the can that you buy in the Asian aisle at the grocery store, heated and foamy. First you put in the honey and cinnamon then the coffee, then the coconut milk. I have this on weekends, since I have stopped daily coffee I get to really feel the effect of the caffeine. I tell you all this to let you know it is Saturday, I have had and am having my incredible coffee and I must get something off of my chest. You are in for a rare, caffeine induced, old-fashioned Angie Rant. Buckle up.

This election, we are not even at the actual election yet and it is so nasty and so brutal to watch, there was only one true adult in the whole mix and he has suspended his campaign. Yes, that would be Dr. Ben Carson, the one true mature, grown up in the whole bunch. I am talking about both sides, Republican and Democrat.

This past week Mitt Romney came out of wherever he has been (do we care?) to spew vitriol at Donald Trump. Interesting, because in 2012 he was praising Donald Trump, so which is it Mitt?

And another thing, where was that passion during the 2012 elections? With that kind of passion and hard hitting speech you might have actually won.

You need to simply stop, you are no longer relevant and all you have done is fuel Donald Trump’s supporters. No matter what people sling at him, he is coming out on top, and I have seriously never seen anything like this. Ever.

Here is a man who is just simply spouting rhetoric, and not very good rhetoric, but people are flocking to him. I can tell you why, you might not like it, but here goes

He thinks it, he says it, it is the way of his people, why do I know this, because I think it, I say it, it is the way of my people. Not that I am claiming we have the same people, we do not, but the things he is saying, the way he is just saying whatever pops into his head with no filter, well, in all honesty, it is refreshing.

We know what he is thinking, he says it, and he is saying what a lot of Americans are thinking. We are exhausted by politics as usual, it is a corrupt system in Washington and the people are tired. We are tired of funding it, we are tired of paying for illegal immigrants to have medical, educational opportunities and living expenses. Especially when we see the people of our country that actually deserve these benefits hurting. I am talking about veterans, the ones who go out and pledge to keep us safe, they fight for us, literally, physically, giving it their all. They come home to nothing, to a VA system that is broken, to waiting for much needed medical help, mental help and basic needs help.

Before you jump on top of me, I am not a Donald Trump supporter, even though he says what he thinks, he has no actual plan to fix these issues. But I will also say this, if it comes down to a match between him and Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, he has my vote.

The Republican party needs to get its act together, quit bad mouthing Donald Trump, just stop, put your heads together and figure out how to best work towards a common goal. Fixing systems that are broke, stop the bleeding of our money out of Washington.

We gave you the Senate!! We handed it to you, the Speaker of the House is a Republican and you have all betrayed us. That is how we see it, so when someone goes to the microphone and says he wants to protect us, to take care of our veterans, people are flocking.

I have actually paid attention, I have seen a few of his rallies, not in person, but on the internet and television. I look at the audience, it is mostly vets, have you noticed that Republican party?

The in fighting makes us all look bad, I am going to tell you something right here and now, you need to stop treating Donald Trump like a joke. That was your first mistake when he announced he was running. The GOP treated him like a joke, huge mistake, you said he was a reality TV star, another mistake.

The Donald (as he was really known in the 80’s and 90’s) was a real estate mogul, a best selling author, you should have read The Art of the Deal before ever attacking him. You would have learned a lot about your opponent, and I believe your strategy would be different.

Rubio, too little too late, you are behaving like a little boy, the whole small hands thing, juvenile at best. There was nothing but yelling on that last debate, have a real debate, get rid of Megyn Kelly, she is not a moderator, she is a rabble rouser.

Ted Cruz, he still just looks smarmy to me, however, I have seen videos of him speaking one on one to people and he is engaging and says intelligent things. The video of him dancing with his daughter, well, I don’t know if that was contrived or not, but the look of complete love when he looks at her, that was very real.

I have always loved the presidential elections, but no more, and it didn’t start with this one, it started in 2008, I am just disgusted by it all now.

Voting has always been special to me, I still remember the very first election I got to vote in, I did my research, no one influenced me, not family, not friends. I made up my own mind, I went to my polling place (the fire station in Owasso) and I cast my ballot. I felt pride, I felt patriotism, I felt American.

It is no secret I loved Ronald Regan, I still believe he was the best President of my life time, during his exit speech I couldn’t even speak I was crying so hard. I called my mom, I don’t think she knew it was me at first, then when she realized who it was she simply said “exit speech?”

I managed to say yes, she said “I know exactly how you feel Roosevelt was my first and I bawled like a baby when he left office.”

I want to take pride in my voting again, I want to go to my poling place and cast my ballot and feel patriotism, feel American.


The New Deal

Yesterday on the way home from work I had an interesting conversation with Alex. We were talking about the upcoming election, the importance of voting and of course it turned to how badly the current President is performing. Then we started talking about the depression, the real one, and how his grandparents had made it through and how The New Deal (President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s programs) had affected our family on a personal level. I told him that his grandmother’s family, my mother, was directly affected as it put her brothers to work. Before that things were not looking good for the family as her father had just died and there was no income, the boys went to work on the WPA, they worked at building roads. In a way they helped create the infrastructure of our country as we now know it. Roosevelt put people to work, he did not give them a hand out, he gave them a hand up, and that is what we need now. People need to work, not collect food stamps, I know my way of thinking might be wildly unpopular these days, but I was raised in a family of workers.
My parents were migrant workers in the 1930’s; they worked their way from Oklahoma to California, picking cotton. My dad used to tell me no work was menial if it was honest, if you have an honest job do it with pride. Do your best, take a stand, do what’s right, which is what I learned from my parents and grandparents. My aunts and uncles as well, at one time the whole family was picking cotton to make ends meet and put food on the table.
When my parents arrived in California my dad worked in a gold mine, after that he was hired on at McDonald Douglas where he eventually was able to transfer back to Oklahoma. My parents were not afraid of physical labor, they were not afraid to get their hands dirty. I am so proud to come from a people that work hard, take pride in whatever they do and helped shape the landscape of this country.
I am not ashamed I come from people that picked cotton, dug ditches, worked on cars, farmed, in fact did whatever they had to do in order for the family to survive. In the process they helped their neighbors, they took food, made blankets for the homeless, picked up homebound widows and took them to church and out to lunch, took people grocery shopping and showed me how to be selfless. There are too few selfless people in this world today; we need to get back to that, helping people, helping them work. Hand up, not hand out, which is what we should be focused on, let’s bring back the job programs, teach people a trade, so they can take pride in all that they accomplish.

Make a Difference

Last night was the DNC (Democrat National Convention) Bill Clinton was the main speaker, in his speech he said success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives. While in theory, I get that, I understand that, in reality I don’t think he is the one that needs to say that.
The people who are grabbing that and running with it, at least on twitter, are actors, actresses, singers and other people who are highly successful in their fields. What have they been successful at? Making money. I don’t see Katy Perry making a difference in anyone’s life in a significant manner. She makes pop songs, she does give joy to people for the moment they are listening and singing along, but I don’t see her going down to Mississippi and helping the people there.
If you want to grab onto that, please, go help people, give half of your money to help people, here, in the United States. I am so fed up with these famous people going to Africa and Uganda (examples) to help children there when there are so many children and families here in the United States to help. At least Brad Pitt is helping in New Orleans; however, I would like to see him and his woman adopt a few American kids that need help.
Make a difference by all means, but if you are not doing this, stop grabbing at that, while I am on the subject, Bill, give some of your money to help out. I see you make public announcements asking others to help, but I don’t see you doing it.
I give the current sitting President a failing grade, he gives himself an incomplete, seriously? Wow, admit it, the only thing that you have done, that you promised was repeal don’t ask, don’t tell. This health care bill is going to cost the American public an inordinate amount of money. Well, those of us that actually have a job. If you really want to do something, then make it mandatory if one is on welfare that they go to job training classes. Then help them get a job, teach them how to write a résumé, fill out an employment form, dress for an interview, teach them how to speak in an interview. This is what we should be doing, job programs, welfare with a time stamp.
Let’s all make a difference that I agree with let’s start in our hometowns, our neighborhoods, our own food banks. Let’s start with the elderly, give them rides to doctor’s appointments, hair appointments, take them dinner. Let’s start with the single parent, offer to run errands, take them dinner on a busy week day evening. Let’s start at home, let’s make a difference, let our voices be heard in November and put someone in office that actually can make a difference and not go on an apology tour for America. Let’s stand strong and choose to seriously make a change don’t choose rhetoric, choose action.