Make a Difference

Last night was the DNC (Democrat National Convention) Bill Clinton was the main speaker, in his speech he said success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives. While in theory, I get that, I understand that, in reality I don’t think he is the one that needs to say that.
The people who are grabbing that and running with it, at least on twitter, are actors, actresses, singers and other people who are highly successful in their fields. What have they been successful at? Making money. I don’t see Katy Perry making a difference in anyone’s life in a significant manner. She makes pop songs, she does give joy to people for the moment they are listening and singing along, but I don’t see her going down to Mississippi and helping the people there.
If you want to grab onto that, please, go help people, give half of your money to help people, here, in the United States. I am so fed up with these famous people going to Africa and Uganda (examples) to help children there when there are so many children and families here in the United States to help. At least Brad Pitt is helping in New Orleans; however, I would like to see him and his woman adopt a few American kids that need help.
Make a difference by all means, but if you are not doing this, stop grabbing at that, while I am on the subject, Bill, give some of your money to help out. I see you make public announcements asking others to help, but I don’t see you doing it.
I give the current sitting President a failing grade, he gives himself an incomplete, seriously? Wow, admit it, the only thing that you have done, that you promised was repeal don’t ask, don’t tell. This health care bill is going to cost the American public an inordinate amount of money. Well, those of us that actually have a job. If you really want to do something, then make it mandatory if one is on welfare that they go to job training classes. Then help them get a job, teach them how to write a résumé, fill out an employment form, dress for an interview, teach them how to speak in an interview. This is what we should be doing, job programs, welfare with a time stamp.
Let’s all make a difference that I agree with let’s start in our hometowns, our neighborhoods, our own food banks. Let’s start with the elderly, give them rides to doctor’s appointments, hair appointments, take them dinner. Let’s start with the single parent, offer to run errands, take them dinner on a busy week day evening. Let’s start at home, let’s make a difference, let our voices be heard in November and put someone in office that actually can make a difference and not go on an apology tour for America. Let’s stand strong and choose to seriously make a change don’t choose rhetoric, choose action.

2 Replies to “Make a Difference”

  1. It’s ironic when they say this, while removing the requirement to train and look for work for people on welfare.
    Bill is the same old Bill. Do as I say, not as I do. If it’s not about money, I’m sure he’ll be giving up the hundreds of thousands of dollars he demands to speak.

    On the other side, Mitt has put his money where his mouth is. He donates about 20% of his annual income. He’s spent time as an unpaid missionary in his past. He also didn’t take a salary when organizing the Olympic Games and as Governor.


  2. Ha! Preach cuz Ms Perry isn’t helping anyone I know nor are many other idoliatics fools we holler and scream to see. I feel the same about the candidates where people grab onto an image rather than words. It’s so hard to see past the person/image that we miss seeing actual steps of improvement for ALL people. That is IF steps have even been taken in that direction. I say don’t believe the hype on either side!


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