Hair Be Gone

I no longer live with teenwolf, Saturday was the big day, the Irishman was shaved clean for charity. This is his fifth year doing this for St Baldrick’s foundation; they raise money for research into curing cancers that effect children. A truly worthy cause if ever there was one.

He went in with a full head of hair, a whole head, face and all, by the end of it; he has none on his head, face and all. It is all gone and I really couldn’t be happier, it was getting pretty, well, hairy in here.

They took the people in groups of four; his group raised over a thousand dollars by themselves. He raised $300.00 just by himself, I paid to make sure the hair was all gone; one of his friends gave money for them to get his nose hairs. I was grateful for that as well.

I am proud of him for doing this, his beard might get disturbingly disgusting, but he does it to raise awareness for this great cause. By the end of his hairiness he does have people asking him when he is going to shave and it is an opening to tell them what he is doing and why. I do believe though, next year I will stay away from spaghetti when it gets close to the day. That was an interesting dinner to say the least.

I hope everyone has a great Monday, I am not feeling great, my ears are stuffed up, I am congested, my throat hurts and I am having a hard time talking. Should be an interesting day in a call center.

My Day Yesterday

This is a momentous day, Palm Sunday and April Fools all in one, I am thankful that Christ giving his life for my pittiful one is no joke.
Yesterday was the big day, the Irishman had his whole head full of hair shaved off in a show of solidarity with kids who are battling cancer. In the process a lot of fun was had and he raised money for St Baldricks, all in all a good day. One minute he was a hairy beast, the next he was a Hulk Hogan impersonator, the next he was a Mr Clean look alike. His 1759 Society friends were there and helped raise money, they are the ones that got him to the Hulk Hogan stage, it was up to me to get him to the Mr Clean stage. With the help of a new friend and a stranger all the hair was gone and money went to help fight cancer that attacks children.
After that I took Lauren and Carolion to see Tess, together they are like the Three Musketeers, full charge, ready to face any challenge and capture lady bugs and worms. A great day indeed.
I look forward to a day full of sunshine, fun, and lots of April Fools jokes, and in the midst of all that, remembering to be thankful for all that is here for us to enjoy.

Welcome To Friday

I have decided to do my interviews weekly, I am working a treat for next week, a real blast from the past. I hope my Fake Producer can book my Fake Guests.
Well today is the day we all long for beginning, well Sunday night if one is being honest, this week today is the day before I get to see the Irishmans face again.
You see he has been growing his beard and hair out so they can shave it tomorrow, he has been raising funds for St Baldrick’s, it is a foundation that raises money to find cures for cancers that attack children, you can go here for more information
Today I will be stopping at the love of my whole beings abode, yes, Starbucks, I can barely contain myself! So excited for my Friday treat. Who else will be getting their Friday treat? Support Starbucks!
Zumba was last night, it is kicking my behind, I hope it is kicking it all the way out the door and to the curb. It was fantastic as usual, so nice sweating, no, not really, the sweating is horrendous. I think by now everyone knows I hate to sweat, however, it is a necessary evil in the battle of obesity. Must not be 600 pounds.
Alright, short entry due to time crunch, can’t be late! For Starbucks or work! Hope to see everyone giving to St Baldricks and also if anyone is near Trinity Hall in Dallas please come and watch the Irishman emerge from his hair jail!

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