Welcome To Friday

I have decided to do my interviews weekly, I am working a treat for next week, a real blast from the past. I hope my Fake Producer can book my Fake Guests.
Well today is the day we all long for beginning, well Sunday night if one is being honest, this week today is the day before I get to see the Irishmans face again.
You see he has been growing his beard and hair out so they can shave it tomorrow, he has been raising funds for St Baldrick’s, it is a foundation that raises money to find cures for cancers that attack children, you can go here for more information http://donate.irishjohn.com.
Today I will be stopping at the love of my whole beings abode, yes, Starbucks, I can barely contain myself! So excited for my Friday treat. Who else will be getting their Friday treat? Support Starbucks!
Zumba was last night, it is kicking my behind, I hope it is kicking it all the way out the door and to the curb. It was fantastic as usual, so nice sweating, no, not really, the sweating is horrendous. I think by now everyone knows I hate to sweat, however, it is a necessary evil in the battle of obesity. Must not be 600 pounds.
Alright, short entry due to time crunch, can’t be late! For Starbucks or work! Hope to see everyone giving to St Baldricks and also if anyone is near Trinity Hall in Dallas please come and watch the Irishman emerge from his hair jail!

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