Tech Support Contact Tips

Well, hello old friend, it’s been a while, so much has happened, so many things have irritated me, so many things that don’t deserve being put down in print.

But there is one thing that I will put down, I work in tech support for a major telecommunications corporation, I believe I have said that before.

I work in a department that supports not only internet but television and voice as well, here are a few things I would like for you to know, to make it easier on you and me (or someone like me) when you call in for assistance.


  1. Don’t yell and scream at me.  I am here to help you.  Have you ever helped anyone who just yells and shouts at you?  I am more willing to help you if you are calm and patient.  It does not matter what happened before you arrived on my line.  I have no control over that and cannot change it.  I can help you however, and yelling doesn’t work.
  2. There are certain things I HAVE to get before I can even start to help you.  I am not asking again because I want to annoy you, it’s because I do not have it, and it is required in order for me to assist you.  Yes, I know it can be frustrating, I agree.  That doesn’t change the fact that I still need it.  You may have provided it to people before me, but that does not mean I see it.  It does not mean “the notes” that you ask us to check are accurate.  Please tell me, so that I know your issue exactly from your mouth and can properly assist.  The reason you are speaking to me is because the people you spoke to before couldn’t help you.  Part of that reason may be because they didn’t understand the problem.


III. Part of the information I do require is that you have to be able to authenticate the account and that you are authorized to make changes.  This is not just something made up.  This is in place for numerous reasons, but mainly to protect you, the customer.  Just because you know you are authorized does not mean I do.  I do not know you personally, you are a voice on the other end of the line.  Federal law and company policy REQUIRE authentication.  You don’t want me to break the law do you?


  1. Believe it or not, you are not perfect.  I have much more experience with customer problems than you do, so I am coming from more knowledge than you have.  About 75% of issues are customer created.  This means it was not the company who caused the issue, it was you.  Guess what?  We don’t mind.  It’s OK to screw up.  We are here to help.  If you’ve done something you shouldn’t have by mistake and know it, it really does help us if you tell us that.  If we know what you have done, we can then undo what you’ve done.  We really don’t mind that.


  1. This technology has been around now for quite some time.  You depend on it now, and it’s a big part of your life.  Take time to learn about what you use.  You did learn how to drive, so learn how to use devices that take up so much of your life.  Believe me, it makes your life so much easier.  Many places have free classes on how to use computers.  TV remotes are nothing new.  We do provide a guide when you get your remote.  Please read through and try and get familiar with how it works.  We know you hate having to call us.  This can be avoided by learning how things work.


  1. Going back to computers again.  Computers and the internet is not something new.  I am guessing you aren’t new to it.  You have been using them personally and probably in your job for quite some time.  The name of the browser you use; the address bar is not “technical lingo”.  This is common language you use in relation to devices you have interacted with on a daily basis for many years.  The URL/Web address is something you have been typing over and over.  Again, not lingo.

These are all simple things that in this day and age almost everyone should know. I give a pass to everyone 60 and older. Although, I had a sharp 90-year-old gentleman the other day that was an absolute delight to work with. He was simply amazing; do you want to know what made him amazing? He didn’t scream, he didn’t speak down to me, he said Angie I don’t know if the problem is you guys or me. Can we figure it out? I said absolutely, let me make sure it isn’t us before starting on your end. It ended up being him, but with him following my directions we got him back online in no time and he was able to see the new pictures of his great-grandchildren that had just been posted online. I considered it my best call of the day.


VIII.   If you call me, I want to help you, it is not only my job, it’s my nature, I love solving problems. The more complicated the better, there is nothing I love more on my job than getting you connected, being able to watch your favorite shows or talking to your loved ones. It is rewarding to hear the joy in your voice when we work together and get you up and running.


My favorite customers are my older ones, maybe because I am fast approaching that part of my life, or maybe some of them remind me of my mom, dad or aunts and uncles. I just want their services to work and the experience be as seamless as possible. They are a joy to work with and I let them know that.

I will be honest, if you come on screaming and cursing at me or another person in my position we will shut down, you will not get the same quality of service you would have if you had come on the line, calmly explained the issue and allowed us to ask the questions we HAVE to, then get to figuring out what is going on and getting you on your way as soon as possible.

I will let you know, for the ones that make disparaging remarks about my pay or my level of education. I am highly skilled at what I do, I am highly trained, not only at the job I do now, but in multiple areas of the major telecommunications corporation I work for. I have been around a long time, I make good money, and I am highly educated. I am from America, I don’t know why I am asked that, given my Owasso accent. Of course since I am in Texas now, I tell them well, not exactly, I’m in Texas and we think we are our own country.

There you have it, my tips for making your tech support experience better, not great, because you had to call in to begin with. But we really do want to help you.

Oh, one more thing, pricing, I’m in tech support, there is only so much I can do for pricing and credits. I have nothing to do with movie coupons, don’t use them at home, don’t care about them and know absolutely nothing about them. Billing is what you want then.




Tech Support Advise

So, yesterday, I was speaking with a co-worker, he has been here awhile, like me, in this particular department. He was saying that he used to be a really nice person, friendly, always ready to talk, then he came here. He said you know Angie this place has a way of just whittling away at you. I said, wow I know what you mean. I used to like talking on the phone after work, being semi social, but now, after being screamed at all day, cussed at, called vile names, I don’t want to talk to anyone.
I find that I have worse road rage, my patience level is almost non-existent, it is insane. I have a few hints for people calling in for tech support that would lighten the load for all people like me.
First of all, we are you internet service provider, not your computer repair person, we do not work on computers, we do not know how much memory it has, that is your job to know these things. My best suggestion to all people who are computer illiterate is to take a class. I once had a customer, a very nice lady who was 80, she was perfection. She followed directions; she was just zipping along on her computer. I commented on it, I told her, listen, I have customers half your age that don’t know as much as you. She said that she decided she didn’t want her grandchildren to know more than her so she took a computer class at the local senior center. I wish every customer was like her, or if you can’t take a class, don’t blame us when you haven’t done any maintenance on your computer and it implodes.
The thing is this is an expensive, complicated piece of machinery that you have brought into your home. It makes sense you should learn something about it, especially since you are doing banking on it, shopping, inputting credit card information. Remember, not only is this your window to the world, it is the world’s window into your life. Keep yourself informed, keep yourself safe, and if you do have to call tech support, we understand you are frustrated, we are here to help. We want to help you that is our job, however, we are human, we do deserve respect. Speak to us in a respectful, professional manner and we will move mountains for you. We will be honest with you and tell you when it is our issue, and when it is yours.
I really love my job, I enjoy helping people, I do not enjoy being called vile names simply because someone downloaded something they should not have and now their computer is just a big paperweight. Think before you click, Google is your best friend, if you are not sure about something, and search it. Honestly, Google is our best friend as well, there are too many error codes for us to remember them all so yes we Google them.
If you own a Mac, they have classes for free in their stores, you can simply schedule one and attend, you will be amazed at what your machine can do. Things are always more fun when you know how to use them. Good luck and remember to get the anger and cussing out of your system before calling tech support.

Update on James Dotson

Last night I had the most unsettling message here, from someone defending James Dotson, yes, defending the monster who broke a 5 year old girls femur by kicking her. She accused me of slander, let me tell you something, I wrote nothing slanderous, James Dotson confessed to me what he had done. I will say it again, James Dotson confessed to me and many others at work that he had indeed broken that little girls leg. Also what I published were the court records, court records, can you read? I want to tell you in no uncertain terms you are a major moron, an idiot if you will if you believe that man is innocent. I never said the mother and grandmother were innocent, I hold them accountable as well, that moron wife of his told the court she would not give up the abusive husband in order to see her daughter. A poor, innocent little girl was in a house of vipers, you need to get a clue, if you have children I most certainly hope you do not take them to the prison to visit James Dotson. Another thing, Collin County Texas does not mess around with child abusers, I dare say he will be in there the entire 50 years he was sentenced to.

Now, onto better things, last night I had the strangest dream, I dreamed that Alex went to Granny Dee’s house and she was there, her spirit was there. He brought her to me and I asked what I was supposed to do, and he wanted me to help her get to the other side. In my dream she had more interest in getting on the internet than going into the light. She was very curious and wanted me to show her how to use the laptop. I miss Granny Dee, I have to tell you she was the best ex mother-in-law a girl could have had. I hope you are resting in peace and found the light and are having a party with my mom and dad right now. I know my mom always wanted to thank you for your friendship to me, I know she has gotten that chance now.
I am super excited about my tour change beginning next week, I know it sounds crazy, but I am, almost like being in school when you have a schedule change and it is to a class you like. Well I know I will be doing the same job, however, there is excitement in the air, there are several people I know at work that are excited about their new schedules. I love the fact we get to change every 4 months now, instead of 6, you can try something out, and if it doesn’t work for you or you need another change, well you can do that in 4 months.
My cough is going away, I have a voice again, and am nursing a sick Irishman, he has been sick for quite a while. I finally convinced him to go to the doctor and he is on the road to recovery. Men are so stubborn, my dad was the same way, had to be on deaths door before going to a doctor. I don’t know why the majority of men have to be this way, if he had gone when I told him to he would have felt better three weeks ago. Ok, done with kvetching, on to more positives, he is taking his medication that was prescribed and today he is beginning to feel a little better.
Ok, it is off to see the wizard for me, to help the people with their internet, email and browser issues, if you have to call tech support today, please remember we are there to help you. Cursing at us, yelling, threatening and pretending you know more than us is detrimental to you getting the help you need. Be kind, we are human beings at the end of the line, treat us with respect and we will go out of our way to make sure we fix everything we can, if it is something that is not within our scope of support we will make sure you know who to call to get the issue resolved.
Peace, love and gossip!

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