Tech Support Advise

So, yesterday, I was speaking with a co-worker, he has been here awhile, like me, in this particular department. He was saying that he used to be a really nice person, friendly, always ready to talk, then he came here. He said you know Angie this place has a way of just whittling away at you. I said, wow I know what you mean. I used to like talking on the phone after work, being semi social, but now, after being screamed at all day, cussed at, called vile names, I don’t want to talk to anyone.
I find that I have worse road rage, my patience level is almost non-existent, it is insane. I have a few hints for people calling in for tech support that would lighten the load for all people like me.
First of all, we are you internet service provider, not your computer repair person, we do not work on computers, we do not know how much memory it has, that is your job to know these things. My best suggestion to all people who are computer illiterate is to take a class. I once had a customer, a very nice lady who was 80, she was perfection. She followed directions; she was just zipping along on her computer. I commented on it, I told her, listen, I have customers half your age that don’t know as much as you. She said that she decided she didn’t want her grandchildren to know more than her so she took a computer class at the local senior center. I wish every customer was like her, or if you can’t take a class, don’t blame us when you haven’t done any maintenance on your computer and it implodes.
The thing is this is an expensive, complicated piece of machinery that you have brought into your home. It makes sense you should learn something about it, especially since you are doing banking on it, shopping, inputting credit card information. Remember, not only is this your window to the world, it is the world’s window into your life. Keep yourself informed, keep yourself safe, and if you do have to call tech support, we understand you are frustrated, we are here to help. We want to help you that is our job, however, we are human, we do deserve respect. Speak to us in a respectful, professional manner and we will move mountains for you. We will be honest with you and tell you when it is our issue, and when it is yours.
I really love my job, I enjoy helping people, I do not enjoy being called vile names simply because someone downloaded something they should not have and now their computer is just a big paperweight. Think before you click, Google is your best friend, if you are not sure about something, and search it. Honestly, Google is our best friend as well, there are too many error codes for us to remember them all so yes we Google them.
If you own a Mac, they have classes for free in their stores, you can simply schedule one and attend, you will be amazed at what your machine can do. Things are always more fun when you know how to use them. Good luck and remember to get the anger and cussing out of your system before calling tech support.

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