Happy Day After

What a great day yesterday was, I decided that since I was picking up Tess and the Irishman was getting his girls I would make some treats and order pizza for Valentines dinner.
So, I made cupcakes and dyed them red, with purple frosting, then made big, heart shaped, sugar cookies, bought candy, decorated the dining room. I thought that would be it, then to my surprise a text comes from Jeffrey telling me that Tessa’s class is having a Valentines Day party and it starts at 3 if I wanted to go. Did I want to go??? Uh, yeah!
So off I go to surprise Tess in her class, what fun, first graders are so much fun, no guile, no shyness, just pure joy. I took my camera and the kids had a ball taking it and taking pictures of each other. I am going to have the pictures printed and give them to Tessa for her to keep as a good memory of her first grade experience.
Then another surprise, the Irishman’s girls were having friends over, so extra pizza was in order; I already had enough of the other goodies.
Another surprise, Elizabeth Anne was in town and came by to visit with Tess and myself, then to top it off Jeffrey stayed and had dinner with us as well. The only person I didn’t get to see was Alex, the only thing that could have made it a completely perfect Valentines Day.
I know that Valentines Day is touted as a romantic day, however, love is love, and I got to be around people I love. I consider that a win.
Maybe next year will be about romance, we have had years where it is about romance, but this year was about family.
I hope everyone had a great day and celebrated in the manner in which they wanted to. If not there is always next year to look forward to.

Not a Made Up Holiday

I would like to clear up a few misconceptions regarding Valentines Day, first off it is not a made up holiday. It is a real holiday, celebrated as far back as the 5th century; we celebrate it to honor St Valentine. He gave his life in roughly 260 AD defying the Roman government by marrying Christian couples.
It is thought that Valentines and a pagan holiday became merged, which could be the case, as Christmas incorporates some pagan traditions as well. It was Pope Gelasius that declared February 14th St. Valentine’s Day, so I guess we can actually blame the Catholics for this holiday.
It is a holiday that is all about love, romantic love at that, written Valentines began appearing in Great Britain in the 1700’s, strangely enough, not by a greeting card company. So I guess you all can take that excuse out of your arsenal, interesting, excuses are beginning to dwindle.
I for one like Valentine’s Day, it seems like people are nicer, they smile a little bit more, say hello with a more friendly tone and just look nicer. Maybe we should all strive to be a little more romantic in our daily lives. Wait, no, I don’t think I could keep that up, I am not a romantic person by nature, this is just wrong!
Anyway, Valentine’s Day, not a made up holiday, celebrate with the one you love or the one that loves you.
Oh and in the interest of full disclosure, before writing this I had two Venti Starbucks, fully caffeinated treats, one diet coke and one coke float.

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