Not a Made Up Holiday

I would like to clear up a few misconceptions regarding Valentines Day, first off it is not a made up holiday. It is a real holiday, celebrated as far back as the 5th century; we celebrate it to honor St Valentine. He gave his life in roughly 260 AD defying the Roman government by marrying Christian couples.
It is thought that Valentines and a pagan holiday became merged, which could be the case, as Christmas incorporates some pagan traditions as well. It was Pope Gelasius that declared February 14th St. Valentine’s Day, so I guess we can actually blame the Catholics for this holiday.
It is a holiday that is all about love, romantic love at that, written Valentines began appearing in Great Britain in the 1700’s, strangely enough, not by a greeting card company. So I guess you all can take that excuse out of your arsenal, interesting, excuses are beginning to dwindle.
I for one like Valentine’s Day, it seems like people are nicer, they smile a little bit more, say hello with a more friendly tone and just look nicer. Maybe we should all strive to be a little more romantic in our daily lives. Wait, no, I don’t think I could keep that up, I am not a romantic person by nature, this is just wrong!
Anyway, Valentine’s Day, not a made up holiday, celebrate with the one you love or the one that loves you.
Oh and in the interest of full disclosure, before writing this I had two Venti Starbucks, fully caffeinated treats, one diet coke and one coke float.

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