Heat and Cold

Do you want to know something funny? When you click on my blog and read it, my statistics records what country one is from.

The funny part are the scammers who try to contact me on Instagram and click on my blog. Then they tell me they are from somewhere in the United States. First off, their syntax gives them away as not being from the United States, then a quick glance at my blog stats tells me what country they are really in.

It’s fun to call them out, sometimes I just hit block, sometimes I have a little fun, most times it is a n Instablock on Instagram.

It is stupid hot here in Texas, it is unbearable, I need to move to a colder state. Especially these days, who thought up the heat? Who do I blame? Who can I complain to? Is there a heat manager? I don’t have the right haircut to complain to a manager, I think I can wing it. This is literally too much, I am sitting in a darkened room with a ceiling fan on and the air conditioning on 73. I try and keep it that temp or higher during the day. At night it is a crisp 67 degrees. Yes, that is Fahrenheit, I like it cold and I cannot lie, it is for my sanity and for everyone else safety. I cannot begin the day with a hot flash, is there anyone else who likes to sleep cold? I have always been a hot sleeper, I can’t stand to be hot when I sleep, therefore I need it to be cold.

So this is nothing new, all of my children sleep hot as well, but I do believe two of them love the summer and one is like me and likes winter.

I dream of snow and ice and perfection, when snow falls and blankets everything it creates beauty out of starkness. When the light shines on the snow and it shimmers and creates prisms of colorful reflection, it takes my breath away.

However, I don’t wish away the time, it is going by too quickly as it is, much too quickly.

I know everyone says 2020 is a trash year, but I have had some really great moments in 2020. I got to hunt aliens in Roswell, I got to bond with my sister on a road trip, I got to meet my great niece and nephew in Arizona.

I got to work from home, a thing my company said would never happen. I got to spend my annual week with my granddaughter, I got to spend 4th of July with two of my children. That has not happened since 1993, so it was a momentous occasion.

I don’t know what the remaining months of 2020 will bring, but I do look forward to them. I have already told Elizabeth Anne what I want for Christmas. I will not reveal it until it happens, but it is greatness. I have to go now, Fat Catstard is meowing plaintively, that means he wants food. If he does not have it I fear for my face.

As usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

Keep Lookin’ Up

Easter was the first time ever, that I had all of my children on a holiday, it was nice, the only one missing in the family was Tessa. It was her mom’s turn for Easter.

I would like to make it clear I don’t consider myself Stacy’s mom, she is my daughter, but I am not her mother. She has a mother, she has a father, and they have and continue to be good parents to her.

I haven’t written in a while because my thoughts are scrambled, there is too much going on in the world, in the United States, in Texas and in McKinney. It’s insanity I tell ya, the world is totally going to hell in a hand basket faster than we can imagine.

So, the Irishman has decided we are married, he told me that we were, I scoffed, he said look it up. Sure enough, in Texas, we meet the requirements of common law marriage. AS a matter of fact, if we broke up, we would have to divorce.

Now he has it in his head that we need wedding rings and has changed his status on Facebook to married.

I really don’t know how I feel about this, in his mind I think he sees it as a renewed commitment to me. To our relationship, to let others know he will not entertain interference from outside forces. Maybe this is more of a reminder for him, than I, that he is in a relationship, that we do live together and have since 2010. I don’t know, it’s just kind of unsettling to come home to ring size papers everywhere.

The days are getting longer, there is no chance of me getting snow this year, I am sad, I didn’t get it once this year. Not one single time, it is disheartening, when there is no snow I believe God is angry with me, that there is something I was supposed to do for him and didn’t.

I’ll have to figure it out before next year, as I want snow, desperately want snow, it is the great equalizer of the world. The way it blankets the earth in pure, sparkly whiteness, making even the ugliest of landscapes beautiful. There is something magical, pure, a giant blanket giving the earth warmth. I miss it, I crave it, I need it and it renews my soul, my soul is hurting this year from the lack of snow.

Yes, I now it sounds crazy and no, I do not care, you have your thing, I have mine.

I do look forward to summer, to being able to have Tess more, to take her to the pool, skating, bowling and maybe a trip to the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. That would be incredible.

That is a trip my mother always wanted to take, so me taking Tessa would be honoring her memory. Then maybe a side trip to Silver Dollar City, how fun would that be! I’ll have to map it out and see how far it is and see if there are hotels near these places.

I know there is around Silver Dollar City, the other is in question.

TTFN, see ya soon, and remember keep lookin’ up, cause that’s where it all is! (Yes a Kidd Kraddick quote to end this)

Life Choice Dilemma

The heat is fully upon us and I loath it with a passion; I am so totally not a summer person. I would do so well in Alaska, I think; I say I would do well in Alaska or Antarctica, however one does wonder has Texas ruined my ability to withstand the cold?
I think about that a lot, I love the cold, was raised in brutal winters, which I thrived in, but not having been in that environment for over 25 years would I survive a real winter. I like to think I would, but I have my doubts, oh trust me I do not do well in 100-degree heat, but would I do well in below zero conditions? I have the boots for it, I have the sweaters and coats for it, I even have hats, gloves and scarves that would enable me to withstand a brutal winter. However, could I? That is the question I ask myself a lot. I really believe that I need to go somewhere on vacation that would allow me to experience real winter.
Maybe a week in Alaska would cure me of wanting to be somewhere bone chillingly cold for a few years. I am thinking Alaska in January would make a good honeymoon. What do you think Irishman, could you do a real winter with me?
Probably not, he complains if the temperature dips below 50 degrees, I seriously don’t understand people like that.
My daughter thrives in summer, huge surprise because she was born the same month that I was. We are both children of winter, but she hates the cold, rain, sleet, ice and all that comes with it. She literally comes to life in the summer; when I retreat from the world, she welcomes it. This is disconcerting as we are alike in so much of our personality traits. I don’t know what to think about this situation.
My boys, on the other hand are more like me in this respect, which is equally surprising because they are both summer children. One born in August and the other in July, one would think they would love the heat, but they don’t. Perhaps they will inherit their mother in the winter months so we can enjoy them together and I shall torture my daughter in the summer with my whining.
I am preparing for my dotage, someone is going to have to listen to all of my stories over and over, I am choosing all three of them, that way they can bond in their misery of having to take care of their mother. I plan on being an incredibly eccentric old person, wearing outrageous outfits consisting of loud colors and tottering around in heels too high for an eighty year old. I suspect I will have broken hips in my future due to this inability to give up high heels.

Where is my Winter?

It is snowing everywhere but here. Even in Texas it’s all around me, but not where I am, it is like there is a bubble around the Dallas area. I know I wax on in regard s to snow, however, I love it. I always have, I remember once when I was around 4, and it snowed all night. The next morning I jumped out of bed and ran outside. I laid in the snow right in my pajamas; I was beyond happy, until Grandma hollered at me to come in and get dressed and eat my breakfast like a normal child. As you can see I have had a lifelong affair with the white stuff.
It’s not only snow I love, its clouds, rain, lightening and thunder. I am not a fan of sunshine, yes; I do realize that puts me in the minority. I realize I live in the wrong part of the country, however it is where my children are and I will continue to live here and suffer, in not so much silence.
There are times when the clouds are dark and heavy, I feel as if I can reach out and touch them. I feel their heaviness envelope me, it gives me comfort. It’s God’s blanket wrapped around me.
Coming home yesterday evening, there was a definite line. Sunshine on one side, beautiful dark clouds converging on the other, I felt comforted by the sight.
I know it is an odd happening, me being happy being surrounded by dark and dreary and depressed in the sunshine. I wilt in the heat and come alive in the cold. The opposite of the majority of humans. My winter is a bust; I sit here wondering what I did to anger God. Why is He withholding His love from me? I don’t understand why I can’t have just one day of snow.

Tuesday Thoughts

When you are friends with a couple and they break up, who decides who the friends go to? I found out, via the Irishman, that a couple we are friends with apparently broke up. He found out via Facebook, the woman in the couple had unfriended him. I did a quick search on my Facebook and sure enough, she was gone. I was sad, I didn’t have a choice in this, I met them as a couple, I considered her more my friend than him, but I got dumped, I don’t even know how to take it. I wasn’t given a choice in the matter, why didn’t I get the option to choose? Was it that bad of a break up that she felt the need to purge anyone that knew him out of her life? I don’t know, I will never know, and I have to be honest, I didn’t know she had deleted me from Facebook, I don’t pay attention to unfriends me. I would not have known, ever, if the Irishman had not said anything.
I’ll miss seeing her at his friend’s gatherings, she was a lot of fun, delightful, full of life, well, I guess she still is. She’s not dead, but when there is a breakup, the person that is no longer around might as well be, as I will never see her again. Oh well, it is what it is I guess, such is life. All of the other cliché things I can think of, which at this hour of the morning, with the scant amount of coffee I have had is not many.
I am very upset with the weather conditions here in North Texas, I want snow, I want fall like weather at the very least. I am getting balmy, really, balmy in October, I need cold, winter, wet, this is beyond ridiculous, I am going to have to have a conversation with the big guy. I am wearing boots today, as I believe if you dress for it the weather will follow suit. Theory is being tested lately. Is there a snow dance?

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