Where is my Winter?

It is snowing everywhere but here. Even in Texas it’s all around me, but not where I am, it is like there is a bubble around the Dallas area. I know I wax on in regard s to snow, however, I love it. I always have, I remember once when I was around 4, and it snowed all night. The next morning I jumped out of bed and ran outside. I laid in the snow right in my pajamas; I was beyond happy, until Grandma hollered at me to come in and get dressed and eat my breakfast like a normal child. As you can see I have had a lifelong affair with the white stuff.
It’s not only snow I love, its clouds, rain, lightening and thunder. I am not a fan of sunshine, yes; I do realize that puts me in the minority. I realize I live in the wrong part of the country, however it is where my children are and I will continue to live here and suffer, in not so much silence.
There are times when the clouds are dark and heavy, I feel as if I can reach out and touch them. I feel their heaviness envelope me, it gives me comfort. It’s God’s blanket wrapped around me.
Coming home yesterday evening, there was a definite line. Sunshine on one side, beautiful dark clouds converging on the other, I felt comforted by the sight.
I know it is an odd happening, me being happy being surrounded by dark and dreary and depressed in the sunshine. I wilt in the heat and come alive in the cold. The opposite of the majority of humans. My winter is a bust; I sit here wondering what I did to anger God. Why is He withholding His love from me? I don’t understand why I can’t have just one day of snow.

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