Happy Happy Happy Thursday!

So yesterday I went back to the optometrist and am now a recreational contact lenses user. I wonder if there is a twelve step program for that. I hope not.
I am still not feeling all that great, I woke up nauseated today and still feverish, if I still feel this way tomorrow I am going to call the regular doctor and see what is wrong with me. Probably the Asian Bird Flu. If I am going to be ill I want it to be exotic not a common cold.
Well today is my Friday in the office and thanks to Elizabeth and Freddy I have continued my Starbucks addiction. I am very happy, full of coffee and love; yes I equate caffeine to love. It is that euphoric feeling that just envelopes me when I take that first sip that assures me that God is in charge, He loves me, and that all will be right with the day. I have reached level 30 on my registered gift card at Starbucks that makes me ultra special, they will be sending me a personalized gold card. Very excited about this! I believe this achievement can only validate my addiction.
I have a long weekend ahead of me, Sex and the City 2 comes out today, however, the reviews are bad, bad, bad. So I am conflicted about spending money to see it, however, if fiancée has been bad, this movie will be his punishment. But I don’t want the movie to be my punishment as well, a quandary my friends.
There is a man who sits in the cubical next to mine, when he drinks he slurps, every time, he has horrible manners and screams at people. Just had to get that out.
I don’t know what to do with myself, all of my shows are done, well almost all of them, Friday Night Lights, Stargate Universe and Merlin are still new, Leverage starts soon, oh Christian Kane! Ok, my day just got better, that man is just hot, hot, hot, he can sing and act! I wonder if he can dance? That would be a triple threat! Oh my.

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