Coffee Saturday!

I am having the best morning; I have found a new coffee, Rita Monti, dark Italian roast. I found it on a website I go to,, it was a free sample. However, they sent me a full size 1 lb can to try. I was shocked to find such a pleasant surprise in my mailbox. I decided to try the coffee today, wow; the flavor was rich, the texture smooth, and no bitterness whatsoever. Amazing coffee, the website for that brand is; you cannot find this in the stores.
Ok, enough advertising for today. I have a very busy weekend planned. I am not leaving my apartment today. I have so much cleaning to do, plus, I signed up for Netflix and you can do the streaming movie thing on your television if you have an Xbox 360 and well Alex has one, so I am hoping I can get him to set it up. There are a lot of things I could watch!
Tomorrow, I will go and get Freddy a birthday present, his birthday is Monday. Then Monday I can be lazy.
So I am trying to figure out how to order contact lenses online and use my insurance benefits at the same time, I even went to my vision insurance website and it was not helpful, I suppose I am going to have to wait until Tuesday and call them to figure it out. All I know is I am not paying a horrendous price for recreational contact lenses. If anyone who works for the same large telecommunications company as I have figured it out, could you please educate me!
I have it on good authority that crazy eye may be coming home next week, that will make Chewie very happy, he misses her. I am poor company compared to the excitement crazy eye brings to the household.
Well folks that is all of the new I have for now. Oh wait! No, I do have something, yesterday Alex tells me of a strange happening that occurred Thursday morning.
He said that at around 6:30 A.M. someone began banging on the door, when he went to look out the peephole someone was shining a bright light in it so he could not see out. So of course he did not open the door, he said they banged on the door for about 15 minutes then left, they did not go around back so he never saw who they were. Has anyone else heard of this happening? Very disconcerting to say the least!

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