It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring, we all know that children’s’ song, I love singing it when it is raining, which it is right now. I love it, what a great way to spend my lunch hour, outside, sitting in the car, listening to amazing ‘70’s music while the rain comes down. I feel revived, renewed, ready to take on whatever this day brings.
Rain brings renewal, hope, cleansing, it brings us green grass, flowers and for a moment in time the earth is renewed. I love the rain almost as much as I love the snow.
There is so much going on in the world that has all at once disheartened me and given me hope all at the same time. Of course I am referring to the Cleveland horror show right now, those poor women and the child born in captivity. What gives me hope is these souls that were believed dead by many were found alive, and have their freedom. What also gives me hope, for human kind, is the neighbor that helped the screaming woman.
He heard a scream and responded, in today’s society I don’t hold out hope that many would do that, but he did. He even kicked in his neighbor’s door to find out what was wrong with this woman; once again I believe a lot of people would hesitate to do something of that nature. He has turned down monetary rewards, saying that the money needs to go be distributed between the victims of the crime. He even allowed his place of employment put his likeness on a t-shirt, where all of the proceeds go to the victims.
I have heard there are memes and even an auto tuned video of this man, making fun of his vernacular, I don’t even know how one can do that with a clear conscience. This situation is so horrendous, and his actions so honorable I don’t know how anyone can even make fun of this man. Sure he is a simple man, living a simple life, filled with poverty and struggles, does that give us the right to make fun of him? No, it does not, I don’t care what he did in his past, that he was arrested, even arrested for domestic violence. He paid his dues and even his ex-wife says he is a changed man and I do believe his actions prove that.
I say we celebrate this man’s selflessness, honor it, and replicate it, not that all of us can rescue people held in captivity. However, showing kindness to our neighbors, respond when we hear a young woman’s plaintive cries for help. Most of us, in our lifetime, will not be faced with the decision that Mr. Ramsey was faced with. However, we can live the kind of life that is open and honest and helpful, if we all just do one nice thing for someone this week, I believe that will honor the spirit in which Mr. Ramsey lives.


A few weeks back I bought an armoire, I ordered it online so when it arrived it had to be put together, I waited and waited. Three weeks, the Irishman never put it together, well he had Friday off, I asked him to do it then since he wasn’t doing anything else. I called on my way home and asked if he had put it together he said “well I moved it from the front entryway”. Needless to say I was not happy, all the way home I fumed, I thought “seriously, three weeks, he can’t find time in 3 weeks.”
I got home and sure enough it was out of the front entryway, he then said come here I want to show you something. I thought uh huh. I walked into the bedroom and there it was, my armoire! He had put it together!! I was so happy!
And he is alive, I believe that says it all.
Today I have done nothing but hung out in my bedroom, organizing the new armoire and watching Gilmore Girls. I love that show, I think I always will. I think anyone who watches it wishes they had a mother/daughter relationship like Lorelai and Rory had. The quick wits, the coffee addictions, the ability to eat whatever they wanted. A perfect relationship. But real life isn’t like the Gilmore Girls, teen pregnancy usually doesn’t end so well, with the daughter going to a private high school and then off to Yale.
Single parenting period isn’t like it was portrayed on the show, it is way harder, with financial struggles and emotional turmoil. Am I doing a good enough job? Am I doing the right thing?
You have to be able to discipline your children, to make sure they are under control and not screaming like wild animals when they don’t get their own way. Of course you must have the ability to be an adult and put your own needs on the back-burner and the needs of your children first. You have to make sure all the laundry is done and children have clean clothes to wear. You have to be able to get up on time and make sure your children are at school on time. Those are the simple things that have to be done. If one cannot do those things, then how do they handle the bigger things? These are things that people should be pondering, should be considering when deciding the become a parent.
On the upside of the weekend, I have an armoire and am enjoying it.

Quick Thoughts

So, next month, The Real Housewives of New Jersey starts back up, which is what has me thinking. Teresa Guidice troubles me, last season we saw her life disintegrating, her friends finally tired of her manipulations and sometimes outright lies left her side. She alienated her family by being nasty to her sister in law and trying to start trouble in their marriage.
But the thing that bothers me the most is her husband’s treatment of her; he called her the C word on national television. He was caught, on the phone, with what can only be another woman, calling his wife the most heinous word in the male vocabulary. She then goes on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, who asks her about the incident, she tells him that her husband bought her jewelry to make it up to her.
Even Andy Cohen looked at her like she was insane, really Teresa, jewelry, to make up for calling you a name that is so vulgar, so hurtful, setting women back 100 years. I can see wanting to stay with your husband, I mean she has 4 daughters with him. Daughters. So years from now, when they see this episode, will they hate their father or their mother? Will they grow up to be with men who treat them the same as their father treats their mother? These are questions Teresa really needs to ask herself, I could see if she had gone on television and said, yes, it was horrible, but for me, marriage is for life, so we went to counseling, we worked it out. But no, she said he bought her presents to make up for that.
This infuriates me as a woman, as a mother of a daughter; this whole episode makes me angry, angry with Teresa Guidice for not doing the right thing. She did a stupid thing, she sold her dignity for jewelry, at least that is what she told the world. I wonder how they could afford jewelry, with Joe not having a job, having legal issues and with Teresa being the only one bringing in money. She was probably not being honest about that either, she didn’t look like she was being honest in telling that to Andy Cohen.
I hope this season is a better one for all of the ladies, I hope Teresa and her husband sought some much needed help in resolving their issues. Like I said they have four daughters to consider, and I do hope Teresa considers them, that she has to be an example to them and their father has to be an example of how they are to be treated all of their lives.

No Sleep Angie

Today will be No Sleep Angie, Nocona kept me awake all night, she wanted out to eat grass, apparently her tummy was not feeling that great. I suppose that is what happens when one knocks the trash over and eats it. Let that be a lesson to all, do not eat garbage.
On an up note today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday, which means I can sleep Saturday, whew, did you follow all of that?
Wednesday is recording day, then after that a date with an Irishman to see an Ironman, so excited!
That’s all I have for now, I foresee a ton of coffee in my immediate future! Happy Coffee Day!


Recently, on the internet, there was an article slamming an Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader for being chunky. I understand the blogger who wrote the article was fired for her mean spiritedness toward the cheerleader in question. I read the article and wanted to see the cheerleader for myself, to, of course, judge, she is not skinny, however I wish I was chunky like her.
Recently the tide has been turning, skinny is becoming synonymous with sickly, women are revolting, the “average” size woman wants to be represented in ads, modeling and acting.
Women who are truly average size are not obese, they are not, let’s be honest, fat, they are a size 8 to 10, that is average, a normal average. and then it depends on ones height, if you are 5 foot tall you should not weigh 200 pounds, not even 150, that is not healthy. I am overweight, I fully admit it, I try and try and stumble, but always get back on the wagon. I would love to be a size 0, just once in my life to experience what “skinny” girls go through.
My best friend, Tammi, is skinny, always has been, always will be, I am going to be honest it was always frustrating for me to grow up with someone who had the perfect physique. Especially for the era we grew up in. Twiggy was all the rage, I was never in that category, I was always round, round face, round body, round everything. Even my feet were fat, I know this because my grandmother commented on it once.
Oh to be thin, oh to be even the size this cheerleader is, I dream of it, I write about it, I talk about it, yes, I obsess about it.
I did manage to have a daughter that is blessed with a high metabolism, she gets that from her dad, I am happy for her, I hope this means she will never know the struggle I have had since childhood.
One of these days I am going to be skinny, I am going to be so skinny people will say eat a burger to me. That is my goal.
As for the cheerleader, my opinion is that she is beautiful and confident, and if she could not dance and do the other things the cheerleaders do, then they would not have chosen her. She is not obese by any stretch of the imagination, however, neither is she skinny. Perhaps she is one of the “average” women that seem so elusive.