Recently, on the internet, there was an article slamming an Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader for being chunky. I understand the blogger who wrote the article was fired for her mean spiritedness toward the cheerleader in question. I read the article and wanted to see the cheerleader for myself, to, of course, judge, she is not skinny, however I wish I was chunky like her.
Recently the tide has been turning, skinny is becoming synonymous with sickly, women are revolting, the “average” size woman wants to be represented in ads, modeling and acting.
Women who are truly average size are not obese, they are not, let’s be honest, fat, they are a size 8 to 10, that is average, a normal average. and then it depends on ones height, if you are 5 foot tall you should not weigh 200 pounds, not even 150, that is not healthy. I am overweight, I fully admit it, I try and try and stumble, but always get back on the wagon. I would love to be a size 0, just once in my life to experience what “skinny” girls go through.
My best friend, Tammi, is skinny, always has been, always will be, I am going to be honest it was always frustrating for me to grow up with someone who had the perfect physique. Especially for the era we grew up in. Twiggy was all the rage, I was never in that category, I was always round, round face, round body, round everything. Even my feet were fat, I know this because my grandmother commented on it once.
Oh to be thin, oh to be even the size this cheerleader is, I dream of it, I write about it, I talk about it, yes, I obsess about it.
I did manage to have a daughter that is blessed with a high metabolism, she gets that from her dad, I am happy for her, I hope this means she will never know the struggle I have had since childhood.
One of these days I am going to be skinny, I am going to be so skinny people will say eat a burger to me. That is my goal.
As for the cheerleader, my opinion is that she is beautiful and confident, and if she could not dance and do the other things the cheerleaders do, then they would not have chosen her. She is not obese by any stretch of the imagination, however, neither is she skinny. Perhaps she is one of the “average” women that seem so elusive.

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