Quick Thoughts

So, next month, The Real Housewives of New Jersey starts back up, which is what has me thinking. Teresa Guidice troubles me, last season we saw her life disintegrating, her friends finally tired of her manipulations and sometimes outright lies left her side. She alienated her family by being nasty to her sister in law and trying to start trouble in their marriage.
But the thing that bothers me the most is her husband’s treatment of her; he called her the C word on national television. He was caught, on the phone, with what can only be another woman, calling his wife the most heinous word in the male vocabulary. She then goes on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, who asks her about the incident, she tells him that her husband bought her jewelry to make it up to her.
Even Andy Cohen looked at her like she was insane, really Teresa, jewelry, to make up for calling you a name that is so vulgar, so hurtful, setting women back 100 years. I can see wanting to stay with your husband, I mean she has 4 daughters with him. Daughters. So years from now, when they see this episode, will they hate their father or their mother? Will they grow up to be with men who treat them the same as their father treats their mother? These are questions Teresa really needs to ask herself, I could see if she had gone on television and said, yes, it was horrible, but for me, marriage is for life, so we went to counseling, we worked it out. But no, she said he bought her presents to make up for that.
This infuriates me as a woman, as a mother of a daughter; this whole episode makes me angry, angry with Teresa Guidice for not doing the right thing. She did a stupid thing, she sold her dignity for jewelry, at least that is what she told the world. I wonder how they could afford jewelry, with Joe not having a job, having legal issues and with Teresa being the only one bringing in money. She was probably not being honest about that either, she didn’t look like she was being honest in telling that to Andy Cohen.
I hope this season is a better one for all of the ladies, I hope Teresa and her husband sought some much needed help in resolving their issues. Like I said they have four daughters to consider, and I do hope Teresa considers them, that she has to be an example to them and their father has to be an example of how they are to be treated all of their lives.

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