Reunion, Boots and Tattoos

Ok, so, next weekend is my high school reunion. For those of you keeping track, it’s number 35.

I am stupidly excited about this, I ordered new boots, I hope they will be here before I leave on Thursday. They are over the knee, pink, high heels and incredibly awesome.

Why not go all out, they have the boots in red as well, I figured I’d start with the pink and if I love them I’ll go back for the red.

Lately I feel as if I am coming out of a dream state, ok, nightmare state. I am getting back to me, all the things I loved about me.

Boot obsession is one of those things, and sweater dresses. It’s the season and I look good in those things.

I am regaining my sense of fun and whimsy as well, along with my love of all things D.C. And Marvel.

So, for my upcoming birthday I have decided I want a new tattoo. I was thinking about the Superman symbol, I’ve wanted that for a long time. But then I thought if Dean Cain and I get married how weird would that be. I then had the thought, on Friday, the 13th, I want the number 13 incorporated somehow. 13 is a great number in my family. My mom and dad were married on a Friday the 13th. That number has alway symbolized great love and good fortune to me.

So now I want a tattoo with 13 incorporated in it somehow. I am going to really have to give this some thought.

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