It’s My Birthday!

Time will either prove who you are, or who you aren’t. It’s up to you.

It’s my birthday! The day I look forward to all year, just because I believe the day one is born should be celebrated. I hope I have given my love of birthdays to my children, I know Elizabeth Anne has it.

The last few birthdays have not been pleasant ones in my household, this year it is back to my usual buoyant birthday mood. Even the animals seem happier, which is awesome, Stormie’s mood could be due to the fact I spilled some coffee and she lapped it up before I could get the dishtowel and clean it up.

A husky on caffeine, should I be worried? We shall see what the day brings.

I bought myself a few birthday presents, not the tattoo, I’m still trying to decide what I want, I know I want a Viking design with the number 13 incorporated, I can’t find the Viking design I want for an eternity.

I had highlights put in my hair, I bought a book on Vikings and one on Wonder Woman. I cannot wait to dive into them, I did stay up late last night reading the Viking one.

So, yesterday, I posted a picture of myself saying I make 54 look good. Someone said oh it’s the glasses, hinting that they are hiding my face therefore I look good. There is no other word but pissed. It pissed me off, there is no reason for anyone to be that obtuse to say something like that. So I posted a picture of me without glasses, to say I look good with or without glasses.

I mean seriously, why on earth would someone feel the need to say something like that. I have no idea, but I am really, well, pissed off. No other word for it at this point, I am past the point of niceties. I hope they learn their lesson and think about their actions and their words, you just don’t say something like that to people, especially to a woman.

Moving on, I am looking forward to spending this afternoon with great friends at a wonderful fashion show and luncheon. What a grownup I am! A luncheon, how awesome is that. I am of the age now where I lunch with friends, I think that is fantastic.

Now it is time to start getting ready for my afternoon, I hope you all have a fantastic day, go out and make it happen!

If anyone has any comments, criticisms or praise you can leave it here, or email me at

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