Two Rants for the Price of One

I have a couple of things today, I find I am incredibly irritated. First off, people on the highway, find your gas pedal! I found myself completely astounded at the way people drive, and every single time this weekend it was a Chevy vehicle. So, Chevy drivers, this is for you.

It seems you are very capable of finding that brake pedal, but the gas pedal completely confounds you. Perhaps if you switched to a Ford, that would help you. Or maybe driving lessons, whatever the holdup is, I need you to fix it, or move out of my way. And while we are discussing driving, why on earth are there so many police cars on the road today? I seriously don’t even know what the speed limit is, I had to find a sign, and yes, I slowed down. No, I did not get pulled over, thank goodness I still have my looks and they find me charming if I do get pulled over. I digress, I need everyone to just move out of my way and allow me to speedily get to my destination. In this case it was work, wait, maybe I didn’t want to get there. Oh maybe it was the universe telling me to check my lotto tickets. Oh wait, I didn’t buy any and I don’t believe in the whole universe thing.

1st rant over, on to the second one of the day. If you know me for more than five minutes you know I am a huge OU fan. OU being University of Oklahoma, I was born at OU hospital, literally, my grandfather was a fan, my dad was a fan. In fact that is how my dad and I bonded, over OU games. Having said that, do not come on my Facebook and try and “school” me on OU football, at all. You know how some people say if your opinion is different than mine regarding political issues, even if they are wrong, they don’t want you to correct them or debate them or anything else. Well, that is the way I am about OU football, or anything having to do with OU. Just don’t. Some fool came on my post regarding the OU win to try and correct me and my BBFF. I was like whaaaatt! Who are you???? Gone, deleted and blocked, I have to admit I didn’t really know this person anyway, so no big loss, just don’t do that to me. I don’t go on other people’s posts and try and correct them or lay down some knowledge on them. If I wanted to be corrected I would ask for it, I would say please correct me if I’m wrong, or someone educate me, please. I did neither, please move along, oh wait, I moved you along.

There two rants for the price of one, on a side note, BBFF’s GF’s uncle played for OU. Huge bonus points for that one.

I was very happy that OU won their season opener, I did not recognize the school. I happened to be at a birthday party at a bowling alley and saw the game being broadcast. I said to my friend Gladys, who is that school?? I have never even heard of them, it was a Florida school, that even now I can’t remember their name. But Gladys said oh here’s my friend who is from Florida, I wish I could remember her name, she was very nice. She said oh yes, they are well known in Florida and was actually undefeated last season and now the old coach from UM is there. I wanted to ask what UM is, University of Michigan? University of Missouri? Who knows, but anyway, she said it was a huge honor for them to even be on the field with the top ranked OU and it didn’t even matter that they lost.

So there you have my football talk for the month, I promise. Any comments or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

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