Thank You

I come from a long line of American patriots, a long line of people who have fought for not only the Independence of this country, but the continued Independence of this country.

Veterans Day in the United States of America is set aside to honor veterans. A veteran is a person who has served and is no longer serving in the armed services.

I don’t have adequate words to express how grateful I am to those men and women who have served this great country in that capacity.

Your bravery, fortitude and sacrifices are not repayable. They are priceless in nature, the selflessness that goes with service is immeasurable.

On our day of remembering and honoring all that you have given so we can enjoy freedom is only a drop in a very large bucket.

So many came home with invisible wounds, those can be the hardest to heal. My brother who was in the Navy during Vietnam had those wounds and scars. He carried them throughout his life.

When you see someone that is clearly a veteran please say thank you and I’m with you.

I stand with you, honor you and humbly thank you for all that you have done for me and my progeny. So we may live a life of freedom in our land of a Constitutional Republic.

My heart swells with pride every time I hear our national anthem, I tear up think of our brave soldiers in every corner of this earth.

May God bless you and keep you all.

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