Crazy Cat Lady in the Making

I am going to say the one thing that women my age are not supposed to say. It will be shocking in nature, not for the faint of heart. If you are feeling weak, don’t look, just back away slowly and get more coffee, because that is what will be needed for what comes next.

I love my cat, he is furry, fun and evil, cantankerous and grouchy and loving. All wrapped into one, I am so happy I decided to take him into my home.

I think I’ve told this story before, how Fat Catstard (aka Ronald) came to live with me.

My oldest son, Jeffrey, was looking to re-home his cat, Ronald. He had two cats and a dog and was selling his home and would be living elsewhere until he built his new home. That many pets was too many for him to responsibly take care of while all of that was going on.

He asked if Ronald could stay with me until he found somewhere else for him to live. I agreed, after a week I called him and said I’m keeping the cat. He laughed and said I thought you might say that.

So Ronald became a permanent part of my household. I call him Fat Catstard because I really believe he is an evil genius. He made me fall in love with him, and he bites, and wakes me up at 2am meowing to the wall. I also believe he is my protector. He is a better watch dog, most certainly, than a Husky. That Husky would allow a burglar in and show them all the good stuff then say here’s the treats, I need you to pay me now.

Fat Catstard on the other hand would attack a stranger and get them out of the house.

So, I love my cat, I am on my way to becoming the old spinster woman with 50 cats. It’s all good though, I’m ready for it. Not the 50 cats, that is a total exaggeration, but I’m ready to be the crazy old lady, I mean I have the crazy part down, crazy in a fun way, not scary. Unless you get on my bad side, then it is so very scary.

Just ask some Plano ISD teachers, they have been on the receiving end of some of that kind of crazy.

Other than that, I think I will stick with the one cat for now, I think he likes being the king of the household.

He is a very funny cat, he likes to take a morning constitutional before I go to work. I have to make sure he is in before I leave, he is pretty sneaky. I have learned to wait to put his food out until I am ready to leave. That way he makes sure he is inside, he will not skip a meal. There is a reason he has earned the first part of his name.

His belly used to drag the ground, I am happy to report it no longer does. Thanks to food portions and diet food, he is happy with me, I believe. I don’t know though, sometimes he does bite, a lot. Of course it could do with the fact I intentionally irritate him at times. We have a good relationship, he and I, he claims the whole house as his.

So, that is my secret, the one thing women my age are not supposed to admit for fear of being labeled a crazy cat lady.

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