Spanx Thoughts

I love reading all comments on Facebook adds. I know it sounds crazy, but people are funny. The dating ones are among my favorite. The women are brutal, because of course none of the men on the dating apps look like the ones in the advertisements.

Another that has become a favorite is one for shapeware. Like spanx, the comments are brutal. Like, lose weight and you won’t look like a cow. I have news for these women, the right undergarments make the outfit. I was a a wedding years ago and the maid of honor was a skinny woman. Her undergarments were so ill fitting and make her look lumpy. She needed spanx to smooth out her dress. The beautiful dress looked hideous all because she didn’t look in the mirror and think oh maybe I should get better foundation garments.

I for one love spanx and other shapeware, it just gives you a smoother appearance. It has nothing to do with hiding the way you really look. As some women have hinted at in these comments. It doesn’t make you look skinny it just smooths your clothes and allows them to lay correctly.

Some of these women have no shame, I admit I had to go look on their Facebook pages to see what they were working with. Some are simply gorgeous, others not so much, however, when one finds their self esteem in the mirror only, well, their old age is going to come as a surprise to them.

After the ravages of childbirth and yo-yo dieting, spanx is my best friend and I am not ashamed to say that. I like to look good in my clothes and I don’t think that is a bad thing.

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