Florida Adventures

The Florida adventure has begun! I have to say I am a little prejudiced, Florida is one my favorite states. It has been since my first visit in 1988. Every time I come here I am in complete awe of the beauty of the state. It has charm, quirkinesses and perfect weather, at least perfect weather in March.

I am, self-admittedly a cold weather girl, I always have been, but there is something about palm trees with a balmy breeze that draws me in.

We started with an early flight, taking off at 6am, central time. That meant leaving my house by 3:30 am at the latest. So Stormie went to her home away from home the night before. Thank goodness for Sassy Tails pet sittings flexibility.

The flight was booked solid, every seat taken. No drama, no on kicked off, Southwest was great.

My travel companion, Elizabeth Anne, is the perfect travel buddy. She is funny, even with traffic frustrations and a good navigator.

We get to Orlando, get our rental car and off we go. We dropped our luggage off at the hotel then on to Tampa to visit with her Granpa Reno and Granma Mike (not spelled incorrectly, that is how my children say those words). And why yes, I did say I went with her to civet my ex-in-laws, I genuinely love them. They are the grandparents of my children and I think they are pretty terrific people.

We get to the area they live and it is just delightful. Quirky, beautiful and peaceful, I can totally see why they chose to live there in the winter months. They very generously took us to lunch. Great conversation, laughter and awesome food. Florida is the place for amazing seafood.

We left them in what we thought was plenty of time to get back to our hotel, freshen up and make it to a wedding festivity, we did not, what should have taken us 2 hours took over 4. I seriously have never seen anything like it. That pry was no bueno, but we persevered. We made it back to our hotel and crashed for the night.

Tonight is the whole reason for our sojourn, wedding time! Very excited. Can not wait to see my friends daughter walk down the aisle and marry the love of her life. This is one of my favorite families and I am so happy they invited us to share in this day.

We are here until Tuesday. So many more adventures to be had in that time. More later. I am going to finish my coffee and go back to the hotel. Which is seriously beautiful. I highly recommend the Waldorf Astoria to anyone who is coming to Orlando.

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