Lose, Lost, Loose, Losing, Loosen Rant

I am highly agitated, I have been for years regarding this one issue. One. It is something I can’t fix as it is not my problem. This is going to cost me a few friendships I fear, trudge on I shall.

Here it is straight from Miriam Webster:

“Many people use the word loose when they mean lose, and vice versa, potentially creating confusion for the reader. (The past tense is lost. I lost my keys yesterday.) loose (“loose” = a harder “suh” sound) is normally an adjective, meaning baggy, not tight.

Loosing is not correct when saying, for example: I am loosing weight, it should be I am losing weight. Please stop. I just need everyone to stop saying that or typing it.

I see it everywhere on Facebook, instagram and Twitter. Even in articles, does grammar and English classes not exist anymore? I’m so confused because people older than I are doing this as well.

Stop it! Please! I beg you for my sanity. I saw it again just this morning in a weight loss forum.

I feel so much better having gotten that out of my system. I leave you with this: lose, lost, loose, losing, loosen. I am going to lose weight, I am losing weight, loosen my belt I’ll need to after my binge in Florida. I feel as loose as a goose after having unloaded my burden.

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