Popcorn, Milkduds and Pop

I’ve been thinking a lot about my cousin Pat these past few days. There’s one story I’d like to share, I think it will tell you a lot about him and me.

When I was about 6 Pat and I were at our grandparents house, it was a rare day as we were the only cousins there. Typically the house was overrun with cousins.

Grandma and grandpa told us they were going to town and Pat was going to watch the baby, which was me. He was having none of this. He wanted to go to the movies. Grandma told him he was going to do it and that was that.

As soon as the car was down the road Pat grabbed my hand and said let’s go I’m not missing this movie because I have to watch you.

So off we went, we actually took the bus, Pat was only 12 or 13 T this time. We get to the theater and I think Pat realized what he did. He looked at me and said you can’t tell grandma. Everyone was scared of her, except me, I didn’t have enough sense to be scared of her. I remember grinning at him and he said what’s it going to take. Without missing a beat I said popcorn, milk duds and pop.

He bought all of that, I’m pretty sure it took all of his money. I very happily sat there munching my bribery snacks watching my first ever James Bond movie.

To this day whenever I hear Live and Let Die I smile and think about my favorite boy cousin.

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