I Used to Like Dreaming

Ok, so, I had the most unsettling dream that I have ever had night before last.

I was in a really ugly, cheap apartment, I was in the living room and it was super bright. Blindingly bright, with an ugly couch and broken blinds. I lived there in my dream, I don’t know why.

I decided I needed to take the trash out so I put on this absurdly ugly coat. It was black and puffy and made out of plastic. Something I would never wear.

I grab the trash and open the front door to utter darkness. A stark contract to the bright interior of the ugly apartment. I walk out and see a figure standing to the side, I can’t see the face, it is completely dark and without features. It was like looking into a void.

This being grabs me from behind, pinning my arms down and begins squeezing me. I can’t breathe and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. I’m trying to scream and can’t. I was thinking just go limp, then I forced myself to wake up.

Last night I didn’t want to sleep because I didn’t want to dream. Thankfully I didn’t wake screaming. I’ve been known to do that.

If anyone out there can interpret that dream I’d be happy to learn the meaning. Our dreams are our subconscious trying to tell us something. I wish I knew what this one meant.

No new dating updates, I’ve blocked a lot, it’s really me, not true, some of it is them.

If you have any thoughts, comments or interpretations of my dream you can reach me here or at angie@angieworld.com

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