I need to have a little rant on here. There is something I hate so very much and almost every single man that approaches me on this dating app does it.

Tell me about yourself.


What does that even mean? You’re a complete stranger. Whatever happened to conversation? Asking questions? Why not start with something simple, favorite color, favorite beverage. What happened to simple conversation? Getting to know a person over time.

Why on earth would I have verbal diarrhea with you when I don’t know you. Some fool said tell me your hopes and dreams. Does that work? Are men getting women to go with them with that line? It’s a horrible line!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good line, these are not good lines.

Here we go, I’ll tell you about myself, buckle up.

I love sci-fi, I love action movies, romantic comedies, comic books and history. I love Jesus, I still have a hard time grasping how much God loves us to send His son for our sins.

I love my children and grandchildren, I love my Fat Catstard and Husky, we are cohabitants. They do none of the housework, lazy creatures.

I digress, if you are one of those men saying things like tell me about yourself, stop it, it’s inane. I find it irritating and I will block you. Ok it doesn’t take much for me to block, but still, ask something specific, not a broad brush stroke.

Ok, I think I’m done.

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