Happy Birthday and Father’s Day Dad

I know my Dad’s birthday was June 3rd and I didn’t write about it. I didn’t forget, I just had so many stories floating in my head. I thought I would combine two in honor of his birthday and Father’s Day.

My dad was a funny man, he had a sense of humor that was out of this world, with a laugh as big as the universe. He especially appreciated it when the other person got one on him.

The year we moved to Plano, I called my dad and asked what he wanted for his birthday. He hemmed and hawed and said he really didn’t have anything. I said well is there anything you need. He said yes, he needed socks, I wish you could have seen the unimpressed look on my face.

I said, socks, that’s it? Yes. Okay. So I tell Jeffrey, who was   two at the time, we are going to the mall to get Grandpa Testerman socks for his birthday. I put Jeffrey in the car, and off to Collin Creek Mall we go.

I marched into Dillard’s, the store of the decade at that time, right next to Sanger Harris. We went to the sock department and I thought that old man will rue the day he told me socks. I bought dress socks, white socks, all kinds of socks. Roughly a hundred dollars worth, this was 1988, so you know it was a lot of socks.

I put them in the gift box, wrapped it ever so pretty, put in another box, taped it all up and drove it to UPS. There was no tracking in those days, so I waited until I was sure it had been delivered.

I called, in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day, long distance rates be darned. My dad answered and as soon as he heard my voice he let out the biggest laugh. He said you got me, I have never had that many socks in my life. He loved the socks and the joke, but he didn’t learn his lesson.

A couple of years later, when Father’s Day was approaching, I called, asked what he wanted, typical answer, nothing. What do you need Dad? Ties. Ok, ties, gotcha.

This time it was Jeffrey and Elizabeth I put into the car, largely pregnant with Alex and off to Collin Creek Mall we went. This time I went to JC Penney, as ties are very different from socks and he might not like the styles or colors I chose.

I picked out 5, they were beautiful, silk, different colors with the matching pocket handkerchiefs. I wrap them ever so pretty, put them in another box, tape it up and off to UPS we go.

I wait and I wait, this time my phone rings, my dad says, those ties were beautiful, but they weren’t clip ons. I took them back to JC Penney, I got 10 ties for what you paid for those 5. That year the joke made it’s way to him and then boomeranged right back at me. I laughed hard, then asked why he didn’t like the tie ties. He said as he got older it was easier with the clip ons. But he loved them all.

I miss my dad’s humor, I miss his laughter and most of all I miss his wisdom. God gave him the gift of wisdom, discernment, and vision, I miss him every day.

So happy birthday and Father’s Day dad, have fun celebrating with mom and Jesse.

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