Web MD Expert

Ok, so, I’ve been sick all week, I woke Tuesday morning at 4am to horrible pain. I popped 8 over the counter pain relievers. Thinking that would get me to work then I could get through the day. It did not.

At 6am when I got in my car and backed out of my garage I thought I can’t so this.

So I pulled back in, put in for a sick day and waited until 8am when I could call my doctors office.

Now I would like to digress for a moment. I have been a patient at the same doctors office since 1997. My original doctor is no longer there. She died. It was sad and I miss her, but I chose to remain with the practice and chose another doctor. Same practice, different doctor.

I call, I ask for an appointment with my current dr, ok, how ’bout October? Me: that doesn’t really work for me, I explain why. She comes back and says ok I can get you in today with the nurse practitioner. Cool. I take it.

I go in and the intake nurse says get on the scale when you’re ready. Me: we’ll be here for a long time. Her: blank stare. I get on. Brutal.

We go to the exam room, remember, 1997, she flips through my folder, so your parents are still alive. Not a question. I said um no, my dad passed in 1993 and my mom in 2003. Oh, when was your last period? Me: 2001. Are you sure you have the right folder? Shes a little embarrassed at this point, she should have been. 1997.

I know I don’t go there often, I’m rarely doctor worthy sick, but dang.

Finally the nurse practitioner comes in, saying I loved her is an understatement. She was excellent. After telling me she needs the lab to look at things she and I start talking about general health.

I tell her how I’m not able to lose weight, I show her what I’m eating. She doesn’t understand either. She then asks me when my last physical was. I was embarrassed then, I’ve never had one. I mean I have the woman yearly one, but a regular, old fashioned physical. Never.

She then tells me she NEEDS for me to have one. Something is off and she wants to check all of my levels.

So I’ll be going back on the 27th for that. In the meantime I’ve been waiting on these labs.

I do a quick WebMD search, I’m dying, I think to myself what if Tulsa is my make a wish with Dean Cain?

It’s not easy being this paranoid about medical issues.

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