All Hail Queen Shay

First of all I very literally have the best friends of all time. My Bestie Shay not only offered to keep Stormie, but she is also staying in my home to take care of Fat Catstard as well.

I am going to meet Dean Cain! Does that make me crazy that I am stupidly excited? I promise I will not Baio this up. I will make you all proud of me. I will be as cool as a cucumber in July. Is that a real saying? I don’t know.

I have to tell you I am so humbled by all of the supportive words I received from everyone. You all are so nice and don’t seem to think I am crazy at all.

Still waiting on my most recent labs I had done on Friday. This next Friday is a bone density scan, and yes, every time I say the word density I think of George McFly. I am your density. Should I say that to Dean? Maybe not.

I hope you all have a great Sunday, God is good all of the time and I just have to say won’t Jesus so it! Look at me, getting to meet the prettiest man on earth.

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