Final Encounter with Dean Cain

Today was it folks, the last day I would get to see Dean Cain. I admit I didn’t get much sleep last night, again, nerves, trying to tell myself I was not going to Baio this up. Once again, nothing on Scott Baio, it was me, how I behaved when I met him, he was a delight, me, well, donkey comes to mind.

So anyway, I am trying to appear completely insane, I walk up to his table and he remembered me. At least he said he did, he is really nice. Fun fact, the woman in front of me said her name was Dixie Carter! How funny is that, I am a huge Designing Women fan and Julia Sugarbaker was my favorite character. I digress, after her turn it was mine and he was really sweet. He thought what I brought for him to sign was really cool. At least he said he did, I explained how I actually came to be in possession of such a find.

I think he enjoyed the story, the point of all of this is I did not Baio this up.

I did not squeal once, in his presence, I did not fling myself at his feet and beg him to marry me. I do believe I acquitted myself like an adult.

After that there really wasn’t anything left that I wanted to do or see there so I drove home.

I had plenty of time to think about things, people keep asking me if I will start to date after meeting Dean Cain and getting all of that nonsense out of my system.

The answer is no, I shan’t, simply because I don’t want to, there is literally no one my age that compares. And besides the men my age date 20 year olds, it is ridiculous. Even men older than I date 20 year olds! So no, I shan’t.

I am happily single with my Fat Catstard a.k.a Ronald and Stormie. Seeing my children and Tess, it’s a great life and I have great friends.

I already have my next road trip planned, in February, I am also planning out a trip to Disney World, I really want to do the Star Wars thing.

I have a lot on my plate and I just can’t even imagine dating. Much like Dean said in his panel, he said that like Big Foot’s existence, he is hopeful but skeptical, the same goes for dating. Those were not his exact words but you get the gist.

I am home, tired and need sleep, I tried to nap but the Flerken and Dire Wolf took up a lot of my time, they were very needy.

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