Grow Where God Plants you

I work with some amazing people, I have since I first started working at the major telecommunications corporation that I am employed at. If one is keeping count that is 22 years filled with people that make my daily job enjoyable. 

In all different departments, I have been completely blessed, working with some of the best people I have ever known.

I have created family with some of these friends, lifelong friendships that I will cherish for all of my life.

It almost didn’t happen, when my dad passed away, in 1993, I, of course went back home to attend the funeral. While I was there everyone kept telling me how I needed to move back home to take care of my mother. Some just assuming I was moving back, after all I had no support system in Texas. 

After retruning home I began to make plans to move back to Owasso, we had a house there, my soon to be ex-husband was willing to let me take it in the divorce and move our children up there. Willing, not happy, of course he didn’t want to be 5 hours away from his children, but he was willing to allow me to take them there if I felt that was my only option.

The more I thought about it, the more I dreaded it, I didn’t want to take my children from the only place they had known. I was raising three Texans, I didn’t want to take them away from their father. No matter what happened between us, he was a good dad and loved our children as much as I did. I finally broke, I called my mother sobbing, ugly cry sobbing, she could barely understand me. She finally understood what I was saying, I didn’t want to move back to Owasso.

She asked why I was even considering it, you see she didn’t even know I was making plans. I said well everyone said I needed to move back home to take care of you.

She was silent for a good 30 seconds, then said “what makes you think I need taking care of? I am old enough to take care of myself and if I do need help I have three other children here, right by me. I love you, but I need you to grow where God planted you.” That is the kind of mother I was blessed with, I am so joyously happy she chose to be my mother.

So stay I did, I have never regretted it, my children have a good relationship with their father and it turns out I did have a support system here. Filled with fabulous friends and even ex-in-laws and yes, the father of my children. 

If I had not stayed I would never have found employment with the company I am with. I would not have the friends and the people in my life that I do, and my life would be a little dimmer without them. 

I believe my children would tell you that I made the right decision as well, they are true blue Texans. Loving the state that they are in and loving the people in said state. They all three are generous, kind, funny, smart and successful humans. I am convinced it was because they had both parents in their lives. Just because we were not together, we were parenting together. I like to believe we were successful.

I really hope everyone is as blessed as I am, I genuinely like the people I work with and enjoy coming to work. When your work is stressful, the people that surround you are important. To think if I had made a different choice and moved to Owasso I would not know these humans. I am really happy I heeded my mom’s advice and grew where I was planted. 

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